Yoga For Constipation | Five Yoga Asanas For Constipation Relief

Yoga for Constipation

A lot of people in today’s life suffer from constipation, and no matter how serious this problem sounds it comes with some really easy hacks. We all have heard adding yoga to our daily routine makes life easier, it helps to get rid of many diseases, so Is there any Yoga for Constipation? Does yoga helps in digestion? The answer is yes it does! Sounds great right?

Let’s just take a look at few basic yet important postures which will help us to get rid over this baffling disease!

Get Relief – Yoga for Constipation

1:) Pavanmuktsana– also known as wind removing pose improves gastrointestinal problems, not only this it cures acidity indigestion also. It initiates bowel movement which is necessary for removing waste for constipationSteps to be followed!

The most important thing before practicing any yoga exercise is that your stomach should be empty!

Now, just lay on the yoga mat and bend your knees. Bring your knees upwards till the time your thighs touch the stomach, hug your knees by locking your fingers around them.

Bring your face closer to the knees and hold this position for next 20 to 30 seconds and then exhale slowly and lie straight, this position is known as Shavasana.

Practice 3 to 5 cycles each day. Also remember you will not be able to get perfect postures from day one and even 20 seconds may feel like 40 but then with time you will be able to get that perfection.

2:) Trikonasana– also known as triangle pose, helps you to improve digestion, stimulates appetite and alleviates constipation. Unlike other poses this asana requires you to keep your eyes open to maintain your body for constipation

Stand straight and keep the distance between your legs for about 3 to 4 feet. Inhale first, andwhile exhaling bend your body to the right side keeping your knees and back  straight, while your left hand comes up in the air. Keep your both arms in straight line. Keep your head in a neutral position. Inhale while you come up and put your both arms down to your sides. Repeat the posture 3 to 5 times.

3:) Matsyendrasana– also known as half spinal twist pose helps in massaging the abdominal organs. yoga for constipationClick on the link below to know how exactly is this asana performed!

How does this help you in improving your digestion?

In general, twisting helps you to improve digestion, and as the name suggests twisting is the backbone of this asana! So, as you twist the blood flow gets reduced and as soon as you are back in your normal position new blood flows in your digestive system.

Make sure you don’t overstrain your knees and hips and your neck should not bend in the forward or the backward direction. Don’t do this asana if you have some issues with your spine.

4:) Ushtrasana– also known as camel pose asana stretches (massages) the stomach and intestine and thus helps you to get rid of constipation. yoga for constipationTake a look at this video to see how is it done perfectly.

Avoid this asana if you have back or neck injury or suffering from blood pressure problems. Also, if you suffer from migraine avoid this asana.

For the beginners it might be difficult to touch your feet with hands, for this you can turn your toes and elevate your heels. For beginners the maximum time for you to stay in this posture is 20 seconds, later you can increase the time as you gain perfection.

5:) Paschimottanasana – also known as forward bending pose, is one of those few asana which helps you to get rid of your digestive for constipation

Watch this video carefully and repeat!

As a beginner you might not be able to bend forward completely, it takes time and will go down well once your muscle start to stiffness.

How does it helps in digestion?

While doing this asana the intestine and the gall bladder twist and helps in digestion.

Things to keep in mind!!

Always do all the asana under the guidance of a yoga trainer, a wrong posture can cause serious damage to your body. Also, pregnant ladies who are beginners should avoid doing these asana. Anyone who is suffering from piles or hernia or had a recent abdominal surgery should avoid these exercises for the mean time.

Apart from these exercises, drink lots and lots of water and add fibre to your diet!!


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