How to Reduce Weight in Six Weeks

How to Reduce Weight

If you are searching for How to Reduce Weight, then you are at the right place. Follow the below mentioned methods and see the magic:

WATER – Drink Atleast 8 Glasses of Water Daily
The key aspect in losing weight is drinking lots and lots of water, this is because water plays a vital role in the proper functioning of human body and that holds true in the metabolism of fat. Hence, during your weight loss process, try to drink at least 1 glass of water after every 1 hour, this help to keep you hydrated and fresh all day long. Apart from this, you must also incorporate lemon water in your diet regime. The best time to drink lukewarm lemon water is as your pre breakfast, when you wake up. If you are someone who is suffering from joint pains then you must add honey in this lukewarm lemon water before drinking.

EXERCISE – One Hour of Exercise Daily:
Now, a lot of you have heard the importance of exercise and how beneficial it is for your body. So, in order to stay fit and to improve your general metabolism, one must exercise for at least an hour every day. Now a lot of you must be thinking how hard it is to go to the gym to exercise. But working out doesn’t necessarily mean to go the gym and running on the treadmill for hours. While some people enjoy running, some like to dance and some to like to cycle. So, what is important to understand is that whatever workout you enjoy, you must do that and not emphasise on gyming only.

LIFESTYLE – Changing your Lifestyle:
This basically means that if you are someone who leads a sedentary or a low active lifestyle, then you must change it. Instead of taking the cab/car you should walk more often or instead of using lifts or escalators, use the stairs. By incorporating such changes in your lifestyle, you will start to feel more active and break your usual chain per day calorie reduction. So, you must change you inactive lifestyle into a more active one. All this will have a major impact in your journey of weight loss.

DIET – Diet Changes:
It is a scientific fact that for your weight loss, 70% is what you eat, i.e., your diet and 30% is your exercise. So, in order to be healthy, you must eat healthy. This basically means not eating fried and junk foods and also starchy foods, like potatoes, during the day. You must not eat sugary foods as they would never help you to reduce the weight you desire. However, this does not mean cutting them permanently from your diet, what you should focus on is intelligent eating. So, if you really love eating cheese, put a slice of it in your sandwich for your breakfast only. This is because what you eat in your breakfast will break down quickly than what you eat during the rest of your day. Also, eating a piece of dark chocolate is also very beneficial for your health and skin. But you must have a light dinner as during the night when you sleep, the breakdown of food into glucose is a very slow process.                                                                                                                                                                     One more important thing is that you must NOT starve yourself. Generally people on a diet reduce their meals and even skip their meals. You must never do that. Rather instead of skipping them, you must increase them, i.e., instead of having 3 meals every day, you must have 5-6 meals as it would help to increase your metabolism rate and help you reduce weight.

SLEEP – Sleeping cycle:
Last but not the least is sleeping at the right time for the right amount. You must sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. This means that you should sleep maximum by 10 or 11 pm during the night and wake up by 6 or 7 pm at max. You must, must not have a disturbed sleeping pattern as it would completely ruin your efforts towards healthy living. So, sleep well, eat well and exercise!!

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