Flabless 40s | How to Reduce Belly Fat in your 40s

How to Reduce Belly Fat

When we reach our 40s we tend to crave for different food items in the market available 24×7. We love to go to supermarkets and fill our carts, but have we ever looked at table describing the carb, protein and fat contents. Ah! Never, who cares. It ok, if you were in your 20s. But you are not and whenever you look at the needle of the scale it disappoints you, then you choose a desert of your choice to feel better unintentionally increasing your weight.

You make resolutions to control your diet, lose your weight but end up with increased waist size every single time. Although you put efforts by saying “No” to your favorite sundae and opting for Zumba class after a hectic day at office. Does it pay off? You might say “No its all in vain”. But it is not entirely wasted because it depends on your metabolism rate, which reduces at the rate of 5% in every 10 years after 40. Yeah you can blame it!

Step by step guide – How to Reduce Belly Fat

  • Observe your metabolism and choose smartly what food support your system and what don’t to maintain count of calories avoiding weight gain.
  • Eliminate the possibility of underlying metabolic conditions such as hyperthyroidism. Opt for TSH test and results over 2.5 are possible indicator as recommended by American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).
  • Eat little after every 3-4 hours, increasing your number of meals to 5-6 which helps in controlling blood sugar and overeating habits.
  • Eating food after 8 p.m. add up to hips and stomach where as in morning its all expended due to difference in metabolism activities.
  • Choose food items of your diet carefully which fight fat instead of triggering it. Spice up your food as its natural chemicals can shift your metabolism in higher gear and benefit in long run. Calories are burnt while digesting proteins so consume more of them.
  • Be ally with your muscles, because muscles consume calories. Use basic strength training with hand weights, bar and stretch bands. Do exercises like planks, curls and pilates to strengthen your core muscles.
  • Keep a good night sleep on your side as it controls two hormones- leptin and ghrelin, maintaining hunger and satiety. Less you sleep, ghrelin hikes up and leptin drops down resulting in more craving. Sound Sleep makes metabolism more active and keeps up sugar processing engines too.
  • Treat your sweet tooth with half the dish and save it for later. You may not want it then. Avoid artificially flavored sweets as it fails to satisfy natural craving.
  • Focus on fuel to energy ratio. Body adapts to new changes and tries to stick to it. So balance the equation and maintain your weight. Drink more water to stay hydrated and keep up with your metabolism. Avoid stress and divert your mind with other activities to unwind feeling hunger.
  • Adapt changes in your lifestyle slowly to tune up the metabolic engine and for that you have to monitorize number of calories you consume or burn. Avoid energy drinks as it leads to problems like anxiety, high BP and sleeplessness.
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