Is Your Wedding Date Near? Try these Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

fastest ways to lose weight
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I am sure that you have seen been to tons of marriages since your childhood. And after watching the brides at every marriage, the magnanimous desire that you have had is to look the best at yours! Your wedding function is once in a lifetime moment to make all your dreams come live. Who on earth would not want to look like an angel at her wedding? And after all you deserve it. The list of loving people is going to increase and the angel in you does deserve those angelic looks out! From your wedding dress to your favorite makeup artists, there’s no point that would be left untouched by you. But what comes as a nightmare to most of the girls is phrase of ‘The perfect shape”. All you need is to follow the best formula for fastest ways to lose weight.

Believe me girls; the task of weight loss is almost in everyone’s to do list before their wedding and that too, in highlighted bold letters! Putting away all those so called techniques of crash diet and starving on boiled food, here are the fastest ways to lose weight before your wedding.

Fastest Ways to Lose Weight Formula

The first thing that you must look upon is “REASON(s) FOR YOUR OVERWEIGHTEDNESS”. Yes, to find the fastest ways to lose weight, get back to the reasons on how you gained it! And then, we reverse the process from weight gain to weight loss. The reasons for you could be one of these or others that you should know before hand

  • Improper Metabolism:  No matter how less you eat, it feels like all of that contributes to increasing those not so lovely (oops) love tyres while your skinny friends eat almost everything on earth without putting on an ounce!
  • Genetic reasons for fat: You belong to a family where most of the members are fat. Or maybe, the only fats you have are in few parts of your body exactly where your mom had them.
  • Medicinal reasons: You took a treatment in past (for some sort of allergies, pimples, surgeries after accidents etc.) which kind of side affected and inflated you.
  • Lack of exercise: Well, now you need to work hard and counteract the act of laziness in the next few months.
  • Improper eating habits: You are one of those you love sweet dishes after dinner or cannot restrain yourself from eating out or grabbing a bite from others’ burgers.

Once you have known what kind of fat is present under your skin, it becomes very easy to lose weight effectively in just few weeks. Baby fat is more because of metabolism which can be taken care of by more of healthy habits than exercise while the fat accumulated due to improper eating habits requires hours of sweating!

No matter what, we have the solution here

Natural and Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

  • Vitamin C :It is a water soluble vitamin, so it gets excreted really fast. So you cannot rely on just one orange juice, a week. Vitamin C helps in cutting down fat and also increases the immunity of your body. Moreover, it can replace your favorite(though unhealthy) soft drinks very effectively.

Lemons are the most easily available source of Vitamin C which are available round the season. You must take two glasses of lemon water a day(without sugar) to cut down fat. Adding this drink alone can give magical effects in losing weight naturally and reduce belly fat. This has been proved as one of the quickest and fastest ways to lose weight.

Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. It magically works on your digestive system, improves protein metabolism, and hence, cuts down fats. It keeps you active throughout the day. You can eat raw amla (one per day) or go to a nearby store and fetch a bottle of good quality amla juice (which is never green in colour) for yourself. Take it empty stomach in the morning , the changes start with the toning of your belly in just one month and then to rest parts of your body. This is the best remedy for people facing problems with genetic fat or fats due to lack of proper metabolism.

So girls, browse the internet, find Vitamin C around you and make best friends with it!

  • Fats vs Carbohydrates: Well, this is been a long debated issue. You might have heard people saying “Oh! I don’t eat sweets and even then I am fat! Why?”. There are many people who believe that sweets don’t lead to fat storage in the body.

Well, the fact is that the digestion of carbohydrates takes place before fats. And all of us know, if the calorie requirement of our body is over, the rest of the food gets stored ! So, if you are eating oily sweeteners then it is possible that the sweeteners might fulfill your calorie requirement for the evening and the oil directly gets stored in the adipose tissues.

Many health experts recommend completely cutting down intake of sugar right from day one to lose weight to a great extent.

  • Milk: Milk improves the digestive system and metabolic activities in the body. It also fulfills any sort of deficiencies in the body. It effectively cuts belly fat. But please be sure that you take milk only without any sweeteners or it would reverse the cycle!
  • Water: Make sure that you drink around 3 liters of each day. Avoid water directly before or after taking meals. Water after half an hour of meal helps effective digestion of food. Moreover, lukewarm water burns a lot of calories. Lukewarm water in the morning burns lots of fats and you’ll lose weight in no time.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Gymming is the first option that comes to every mind when we talk of reducing weight but the moment you get back to your daily regime again, the weighing needle starts becoming lighter instead of you! The breathing exercises involved in meditation assure better flow of oxygen into your cells and this is turn burns calories to loss of extra fat! Yogic exercises such as Surya Namaskaaris and Pranayama perhaps the best and complete one. Yogic exercises involve burning calories and stretching at the same time. Hence, you not only reduce weight but also get a perfectly toned body in just few months.
  • Eating Intervals: It is always better to eat less and light food in short intervals than eating at once for half of the day. A smart diet plan is one which lightens you without starving you. A gap of almost 2 hours must be given in between short meals.

It is always good to be in a nice proportion but at the same time you must take care that the weight loss suits your looks. After all, you are the best at what you are. A healthy body is more important than a starved and skinny one!

Just include some healthy practices in your daily regime and be the perfect bride!


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