Are you overweight ? Cut down your weight naturally!

Weight Loss | Health Xo
Weight Loss | Health Xo
One of the major and common problems we experience is to cut down our weight. Reducing weight naturally is the most efficient and easiest ways of achieving an ideal weight.
Going to the gym suddenly and working yourself out for a few days is not something advisable. Try our do’s and don’ts:
  • Take proteins rather than fat- A high protein intake would increase metabolism,reduces appetite and changes several weight regulating hormones.
  • Have a simple balanced diet- Eating right is the key to weight loss. You should obtain your daily calories from mainly fruits and vegetables,legumes and lean proteins.
  • Stay hydrated- drinking 8-13 glasses of water has many benefits for your weight loss.drinking water 30min before your meals will help you to reduce calorie intake.
  • Eat low carb vegetables- like cabbage,lettuce,celery,spinach,Broccoli etc.
  • Go low on sugar- Do not drink sweetened beverages and prefer coffee or tea(unsweetened) as it can increase you metabolism
  • Get enough sleep- Poor sleep is one of the risk factors for weight gain.
  • Add more viscus fiber to your diet
  • Go for an evening walk- Heavy exercise may not be easy and helpful but an evening walk will be refreshing and an 30 min of aerobic activity before dinner can increase your metabolic rate.
  • Avoid skipping meals- This can have an inverse effect and may provoke you to eat more.Finally,stay patient- Do not rush your weight loss and don’t expect sudden change. Taking weight loss pills you find at the market may not be safe. Patiently follow these natural and safe ways and you will find your self at an ideal weight.
Prof. Mrs.Kavitha Narayan (Msc(N).R.N, R.M) is a creative writer, research guide, philosopher, teacher and currently working as a principal. She also work as resource person, organizer for many national workshops, consultant for many educational projects. I am here to share my years long knowledge with everyone.


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