40 Days Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Ever been a victim of body shaming?

Or struggling to achieve the perfect figure?

Frustrated or depressed with your fail attempts?

Need not to worry now. After reading this few tips. Your problem can get solved real soon.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be tough and losing it even tougher. Weight loss is not complicated if you stick to your plan.

What is 40 days weight loss program? Its a revolutionary program designed to transform your body and maintaining a healthy and hunger free lifestyle. Lose weight in a smarter way.

If these tips are followed in a correct way they will definitely help you embrace your body painlessly.

You must be pondering why its a 40 days plan and not a 10 days or 7 days. Lesser the days more the stress on your body. Which is not at all safe for a healthy lifestyle. Dietary changes must be medically safe for your health. This 40 days plan will help you attain your perfect figure slowly and safely. You all know, slow and steady wins the race.

Best Weight Loss Program

  • Follow a healthy dietWeight Loss Program

Eat healthy and eat right to attain your desired goal. Following a super rigid gyming routine and eating whatever you like is not the way to lose. Eating healthy would not only cut down the fat but would also avoid chronic diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, depression and many more. High fiber and high carbohydrate foods are nutritious, filling and relatively low in calories.

  • Drink lots and lots of waterWeight Loss Program

It can be a useful tool to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Drink a glass of water before you eat anything, this will help you eat less. Thirst can sometimes be misinterpreted by brain as hunger pangs. So make sure whether you are really hungry or thirsty.

  • A light workoutWeight Loss Program

Exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. It will not only help you burn some calories but leave a toned body. Follow a 30 minutes workout session daily and of course  with a resting Sunday. You can even take your dog for a walk for a lil warm up.

  • 7 habits to followWeight Loss Program
  1. Drink warm lemon water in the morning.
  2. Take stairs instead of elevator.
  3. Stay away from soda drinks.
  4. Reduce your sugar intake, you can replace it with honey.
  5. Eat your food slowly, it will make you feel more full.
  6. Drink more coffee, it will help you boost your metabolism.
  7. Eat your fruits, don’tdrink them.
  • Detox waterWeight Loss Program

Fruit infused water or detox water has been a proven method for lose weight and increases your water intake too. These are inexpensive and have almost zero calories and taste great too. It will flush down the toxins from your body and will naturally boost your metabolism. You can make any flavors you like.

  • A good beauty sleepWeight Loss Program

If you don’t sleep as much your body needs, you wont drop as much fat as you want. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain. When you are sleep deprived you ultimately reach out to a bag of chips of comfort foods. You need to sleep for 8 hours at night.

  • Control emotional eatingWeight Loss Program

When stressed, try meditation or yoga to calm yourself instead of grabbing calories. If bored reach out to friends instead of refrigerator. Feeling low?? Go out for a walk or take a short nap.

  • Resist your temptationsWeight Loss Program

One of the main reason that we slip out from out diet schedule. TEMPTATIONS. We can’t eat the things we despise for a long period because the diet is followed without enjoying it. Best way is to eat smaller proportions of your favorite food.

  • Cook your own mealsWeight Loss Program

Try to make your meals on your own, in this way you can keep a check whether its healthy and low in calories. You can try different healthy recipes according to your taste and add your own flavors and spice.

  • Don’t give upWeight Loss Program

There will always be many instances when you will go out of you track. You might end up eating more than what you planned to. Even if you slip out of your schedule go back to your schedule and stick to it. Try stick notes to make reminders or a picture of you favorite celebrity to keep you motivated. Don’t go after shortcuts, you need to be patient.

No doubt that you will see a considerable change in your weight moreover you will have a clear skin and fast metabolism. How often we neglect simple things of our life?? Healthy life should be an important goal for everyone.

How important is to feel good and live a good life.Follow this plan and you will definitely lose 25-30 pounds. So lets do it.. Who all are ready to take up this challenge??

Hi I am Prerna Bajaj, a college going student currently pursuing B.com. Drenched with creativity and i feel i need a platform to show it. I hope my words were relevant to your hunt and could bring a good impact.



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