12 Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk!!

Benefits of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk popularly known as “HaldikaDoodh” in our households, has been directly or indirectly been a part of our lives since ages! You don’t easily get into your grandmother’s good books, unless you have something striking about you!

So what are the benefits of turmeric milk ? what makes turmeric milk so special? It possess both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties! The mixture of these two properties makes it unique and hence, makes you get rid of all those major and minor problems you face in daily life!

Let’s just take a look on all the good reasons that would motivate us to drink Turmeric Milk!!

Benefits of Turmeric Milk

  • Glow with a Blow!

A simple paste of turmeric and milk when applied on face can give you a million dollar look! Scrub your face with it! Wash it and see the glow! Not only it helps you to get a sparkling sin, it helps you to get rid of acne! Not only this, it reduces the skin redness or any discoloration on the skin.

  • Removes facial hair!

Yes!!! You read it right! Apply the turmeric paste on the required area and leave it till the paste dries out. Repeat this and see the reduction with your own eyes!

  • Bye Headache!!

Since, turmeric contains antioxidants it acts as a natural painkiller and gives quick relief from headaches, especially the ones caused due to congestion.

  • Weight loss? Maybe!

So, we all know the benefit of drinking lemon water, with honey in it empty stomach for weight loss, but do you know a similar benefit is provided with turmeric milk and that too at a bit faster rate, the reason being the blend helps you to break down the body fat fast.

  • Sleep deprived? No more!

A warm glass of turmeric milk an hour before you go to sleep helps you get that beauty sleep! Where milk provides you with serotonin and melatonin which play an important part in your sleep, turmeric on the other hand reduces stress.

  • Makes you stronger!

The two unbeatable properties of turmeric beats viruses and thus, do not allow them to multiply!! Not only it prevents you from hepatitis but also the presence of curcimin in turmeric prevents you from cancer.

  • Menstrual cramps? What’s that?

Turmeric helps to soothe muscles, so intake of turmeric milk two weeks before the cycle, there is sure short reduction in pain.

  • Detoxify, Digestion and What Not!

Turmeric milk is a great detoxifier for your liver and not only that it helps in indigestion. It also improves blood circulation and cleanses blood vessels.

  • Strong bones

Milk plus turmeric is equal to a rich in calcium drink, so a glass of turmeric milk will help you get those strong bones and will prevent you from all the joint pains in your old days!

  • Old age and joint pains come together!

Anti-inflammatory property of turmeric reduces the swelling caused by arthritis and also soothes the muscles helping in easy movement.

  • Treat Eczema

Eczema is basically a condition when patches of skin become rough and flamed with blisters which causes itching and bleeding. A glass of turmeric everyday helps you to get over this.

  • Breathe it out

Turmeric provides heat to your body and hence provides quick relief from chest congestions. It’s very useful in treating asthma and bronchitis. Now, you know why your grandma forced you to drink turmeric milk when you used to suffer from cold.

Enough said, enough read, get up and grab that glass of turmeric milk!

An engineer by profession , I Samridhi Arora has a self belief that nothing is impossible ! Be it something in your personal life or professional life and A strong believer of the fact that hard work never goes unawarded ! A fitness enthusiast , an avid reader and someone with a happy go lucky nature can perfectly sum up my description!



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