12 Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Stress

Symptoms of Stress

Stress can be defined as that mental state where in a person is exerting a certain kind of mental pressure because of external or internal situations in his/her life. Before we move on to symptoms of stress, lets understand what are types of stress.

Types of Stress

Eustress – that is the good stress required to perform well in any given situation. Eustress is important for us to gauge the situation that we are in and helps us to give our best. This minimal level of stress is actually good for us.

Distress – that is the bad stress that deteriorates our health and leads to mental problems if prolonged. Distress can lead to the following mental diseases if not checked on:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Heart diseases
  • High Blood pressure
  • Weak Immune system etc.

So how do you find out the level of the stress that your mind is going through? How do you know whether the amount of stress that you’re taking is benefitting you or destroying your mental health?

Whenever there’s something wrong with our body or mind, our body gives us signals in the form of mental and physical symptoms. So if you think that the amount of stress you’re taking is unhealthy for you look out for the following symptoms:

Physical Symptoms of Stress

  1. INSOMNIASymptoms of Stress

You should know that the level of stress that you’re taking is more than necessary when you find it difficult to sleep at night. Insomnia is one of the major symptoms of stress indicating that you’re taking a lot of stress. You feel very tired at night but you can’t fall asleep because stress is at work.

  1. CHEST PAINSymptoms of Stress

Chest pain is very common among people who are distressed. You may suddenly start feeling very week and a sudden bout of pain in the chest may occur. It will be momentary and won’t last too long. This discomfort in the chest, if it takes place too often, is a signal that stress levels are high in your body.

  1. DECREASED APPETITESymptoms of Stress

When the stress levels are high in your body it takes a toll on your appetite as well. You don’t feel hungry and start avoiding food. Your desire to eat, or your appetite gets affected and you don’t feel like eating at all. So when you feel that you’re not hungry for your favourite dishes any more, understand its stress that eating it away.’

  1. EXCESS SWEATINGSymptoms of Stress

You know stress is taking a toll on your body when you sweat too much without any reason. Sweating is normal when it’s hot or you’re doing some physical activity but people who are distressed have sweaty hands most of the times. They are sweating even in normal conditions and that’s when you know you’re distressed.

  1. WEAKNESSSymptoms of Stress

Weakness is another symptom in people who have high levels of stress. Weakness doesn’t allow you to perform well. You don’t feel like doing anything. The body feels strained if you try to do any physical activity or exertion. Stress weakens the body and the mind and hence you’re not able to perform.

  1. FREQUENT HEADACHESSymptoms of Stress

High levels of stress have a direct impact on the body and the mind. When a person is distressed they frequently experience headaches. The person becomes sensitive to loud sounds or excessive lighting when they’re having a headache. Such frequent headaches are a sign of excessive stress.

Psychological Symptoms of Stress

  1. IRRITABILITYSymptoms of Stress

A person who is highly stressed is also very irritable. If you have high stress levels in your body you get irritated very easily by insignificant things. Irritability causes the person to get angry very often at things that are irrelevant. The person becomes impatient and is unable to converse productively.

  1. SOCIAL WITHDRAWALSymptoms of Stress

When the stress levels in your body are more that required you also get socially awkward. Developing conversations with people becomes more and more difficult and you start withdrawing yourself from people. You start avoiding social gatherings and your desire to be socially outgoing diminishes.

  1. LOWERED SELF ESTEEMSymptoms of Stress

A person who is distressed also has lower levels of self esteem. The person stops believing in themselves and starts to doubt his/her capability. Such a person starts to question themselves and whether they are good enough for anything. Their confidence drops and their self doubt increases.


Concentration is one of the most important factors to perform well. When stress levels exceed their limits in your body, your concentration levels decrease. The person’s focus decreases and hence the performance also suffers.

  1. POOR MEMORYSymptoms of Stress

One of the most adverse symptom of stress is poor memory. When stress starts affecting the brain it targets the memory. The person tends to forget important things. It feels like the functioning of the brain has slowed down and remembering things or events that a person is supposed to remember becomes increasingly difficult.

  1. PESSIMISTIC ATTITUDESymptoms of Stress

A person who is distressed views life in a negative manner. Nothing that happens around him makes him feel good. Such a person develops a pessimistic attitude towards people and all circumstances in general. They cannot look at the positive things in life.

Hence if you feel that you have more than 6 of the above mentioned physical of psychological symptoms of stress, it is a clear indication that you are distressed. The levels of stress in your body are more than necessary and are hindering your productivity and growth.

Sometimes the situation that we are placed in causes stress in our lives and there’s nothing much we can do about it. In such cases we should keep and optimistic attitude instead of developing stress and pessimism because stress leads to other mental problems. Being optimistic might not solve the problem all at once but it will definitely help you find solutions that will help you overcome the problem.

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