How To Cope Up With Stress in 13 Different Ways

How to Cope up with Stress

Stress another five letter word which brings equal tension in your life like ,  “ Exams”.  Feeling stressed out is absolutely normal, especially during the exam days. Lets understand more about stress and how to cope up with stress.

The word “stress” comes into our mind when we feel that our mind is overloaded and we wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us.

There comes a point of time in your life where you can see your whole world falling apart but all you can do is nothing. That’s the breaking point when people sink into depression. Excess of stress can turn into depression.

When we are stressed the following happens:

  • Blood pressure starts rising
  • Breathing becomes more rapid
  • Digestion slows down
  • Pulse rate rises
  • Immune system gets weaker
  • Muscles becomes tensed
  • Unable to sleep (heightened state of alertness)

Just to ignore these bad effects and invite peace and harmony into your life you need to follow these simple stress hacks that will actually change your life-

How to Cope up with Stress

 1. Practice mindful breathing
How To Cope Up With Stress

When you focus on your breathing, it takes your mind off of what’s stressing you out. Inhale for 6 seconds and hold it for seven seconds. Then exhale for eight seconds. Mindfulness may improve your concentration, reduce stress, and even help in altering the structure of your brain!

2. Get in touch with nature
How To Cope Up With Stress
Being outdoors can offer you a most-needed break from the everyday mayhem. So whether it’s gardening, taking pictures, or just walking around, get out there and smell the roses (really!).

3. Go for a stroll
How To Cope Up With Stress
It’s one of the best and easiest ways of managing stress. Increase in physical activity by walking leisurely encourages the production of endorphins, commonly called the feel-good hormone which is present in our brain. And is there anybody who does not want to feel good?!

4. Get enough sleep
How To Cope Up With Stress
Sleep and stress go hand in hand, one affecting the other. Try meditating before bed to reduce night-time stress first. Also, make sure that you’re getting enough sleep so that you’re not stressed out the next day.

5. Treat yourself to pizza and Netflix
How to Cope up with Stress
Sometimes the solution to stress is as simple as a medium or large cheese pizza and watching an episode of Friends. So kick back, relax, and pamper yourself.

Remember people leave , but food stays.  FOREVER.

6. Get some exercise
How to Cope up with Stress
Whether you like to go to gym or going for a jog, exercising is truly the best way to reduce stress. Working out won’t get rid of the responsibilities, but it will definitely feel you more manageable.

7. Take a warm bath or shower
How to Cope up with Stress
Bathing is often just an obligatory part of our hurried daily routine. But it shouldn’t be as taking a warm bath or shower is a great way to show some love to yourself and wash away the day’s worries.

8. Practice yoga
How to Cope up with Stress
Yoga, which is great for your mind as well as your body, emphasizes conscious breathing and peaceful meditation techniques that are helpful on and off the mat.

9. Lose yourself in music
How to Cope up with Stress
Music can transport you to the most wonderful places. To some people soft jazz eases their worries, while others may prefer to get a power dose of their favorite tunes and block out everything else.

10. Immerse yourself in a good book
How to Cope up with Stress
Reading is like a mini vacation for the mind: It takes your mind off from the situation or what’s stressing you out and transport you to another world.

11. Just dance
How to Cope up with Stress
With rock hard music or without it, whether solo or with a partner. Let your hair go down and just dance. You’ll soon find yourself in a state free from all the worries, charged up with the motivation to do something new.

12. And do something each day just for you
How to Cope up with Stress
Set aside time each day to do something just for you because Self Love is the very first Romance.

13. Spend time with your people
How to Cope up with Stress
Spending time with “your people”, does not mean necessarily with family, In fact i mean the people you’re close to can be your friend , your pet, or anyone you like. Because they are the people who truly understand you & know your real worth. I still remember how my mother helped me to cope up with my exam stress during my board exams. While I was studying late night she used to come to me with food and coffee and when I sleep she’ll gently pat on my back.

All the cute little efforts by your loved ones can lighten up your mood in milliseconds.

As parents and youth workers, let’s commit to an investment in teen’s lives which will definitely help them reach their fullest potential and to teach them how to cope up with stress. Who knows? This generation could be “great” as well!





  1. A well written article with well explained ways…. Really helpful for people who live a stressful life..!!

  2. Ohhhhh…..the real mantra taught by you is so amazing
    such real things to do
    real life experience s
    keep it up good

  3. Comment:very helpful . bt if d internal stress destroys our will . den, will u suggest me to increase nd induce willpower

  4. If your internal will is destroyed look around and do things which motivate you….keep the toxic entities away which brings out the negativity in you…
    Always remember there is no person better to judge you for who you are…
    You are the only incharge of your happiness.

    Take care…..xoxo !


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