Style and Sport

What’s your take on sports and style as a whole !! Can you be stylish and sporty at the same time and flaunt that sporty yet stylish look..

Hell Yeah !!sportswear

You can do that.!! What are we there for, Right? Well let me tell you there are numerous ways you can get it done in a budgeted way.How..!! Is the question ..You already have an insight about the fabrics I discussed about in the last blog, you can buy a lycra for about 1 and half meters and get a lycra top made from the tailor (the measurements totally depends on the size of your body). We usually go to the outlets and buy something we aren’t really looking for, but still buy it because we need it, then why not get something made exactly of the type we wish for. Like just the right kind of sports shoes and the outfit for the gym or for any other workout.
  • Lycra
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Sports Mesh
These fabrics are usually used in sportswear or a blend of it is used with cotton that makes you get that right comfort. You will find these at some fabrics stores out there, you’ll still have to look for them though. We do have many stores that provide us with sports clothing,
but don’t we always wish to wear the type of outfits we find the celebrities wearing .That cool
raglan jacket with a sports mesh cutting or that striped fitted polyester blend trouser . Spending the same amount of money on a sportswear is not everybody’s cup of tea. Isn’t it ?We still can manage that out .
Here’s an idea..!! Buy any of these fabrics from the nearest fabric store, go to the tailor and ask him for the kind of outfit you want. He might tell you that he can’t really stitch it because of the stretch in it but I have an idea for that problem too, tell him that he can put a newspaper or any other kind of paper under the fabric and stitch it.Voila!!


  1. Working out would be more comfortable and now fabric would not be according to what the stores have to provide.
    Thanks for the lovely ideas.


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