How to Choose Best and Stylish Sportswear


I am growing into a fat person, need to hit the gym ASAP.! But first, I think I need to buy a gym wear. What do I look for that makes me feel comfortable and free at the same time..? Isn’t that what almost everybody thinks before starting to work out or hit a gym? Sportswear..!! Something that all of us struggle with choosing the right one for the body type and comfort. We all are aware about the massive market of sportswear out there, we think of buying a sports mesh t.shirt with a classy and comfortable loose fit, paired with a Lycra trouser with a pair of great sport shoes that makes everybody look at you and there you walk around the gym feeling like a boss.!!Well I know that’s difficult to accept but who doesn’t want to look stylish at the same time and yet be comfortable. People sometimes tend to choose a wrong outfit for their workout that makes them feel uncomfortable with all the stretches and weights or any sort of exercises. And then we come to rescue, to help you choose the right kind of sportswear for your body type .
The typical sports specific garments include shorts, tracksuits, tennis shirts,t-shirts for practical and comfort reasons. Sportswear is designed to be lightweight, stretchy and loose enough to not restrict movement. The right kind of sportswear should be able to transfer sweat away from the skin example moisture transferring fabric . Here are some of the fabrics that should be used during any activity related to sports or any workouts.

  • Sports mesh
  • Polyester Microfibre
  • Lycra
  • Medium weight polyester
  • Spandex

These fabrics are more resistant to ripping and have a good stretch. With having a great breath ability they keep you cool and are sweat absorbent. Great for sublimation these fabrics also have high performance muscle shaping and have a high protection from UV rays too. Quick drying fabrics that are exceptionally durable on the other hand.
We usually go to the shops and buy what the shopkeeper ask us to. Isn’t it always good to have a little idea of the things you need to buy. So now you can go to your nearest Adidas , Nike or Superdry stores and ask them about the outfits that include these fabrics or. Blend of it. Happy staying fit guys ..!!



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