Best Winter Skin Care Routine You Need to Follow

winter skin care routine

Winters are a bliss to all of us, you get those beautiful hair. You get to wear your beloved boots, can go days without bathing and still not smell, rid yourself from the guilt of not waxing your arms and legs like for weeks. But then there is the other side of the coin, the harsh side where your skin suffers from dullness, dryness and what not. Don’t let this weather harm that splendid beauty of yours!  Follow this Winter skin care routine and say hi to happy skin!

Best Winter Skin Care Routine


The first and foremost thing is during winters we don’t feel thirsty and unintentionally we push our body towards dehydration. Avoid committing this mistake, it will only add fuel to the fire.


Now, the face wash which you used during summer time cannot be used during the winters. The reason being during summers you need to combat sweat, while in winters the entire skin becomes drier, stretchy and hence those foam based face wash/body wash needs to be swapped with cream based face washes/body washes. A very easily available and a very reasonably priced body wash is Dove!

winter skin care products


Apply coconut oil on your body before sleeping, see the results next morning, the softness your skin will possess will be unimaginable. Another thing that comes from granny’s bag is the use of mustard oil, just apply it before bath and get an impeccable skin.


We all love those poutful lips don’t we? And we all hate the chapped lips! So to protect them this winters you need to invest in a good lip balm. PRO TIP- use Vaseline, not only for your lips but you can use it on your body to get rid of the itchiness. Apart from that another tip is take some butter oil (desi ghee) warm it up and apply it on your lips! A great kick to those patchy lips.

winter skin care routine


YES! Hot water baths are what you die for in winters but they kill the softness of your skin, so say no hot water baths. Mild hot water for your face and other parts of your body, else all you get is dry, itchy and dull skin. Bookmark this in your winter skin care routine.


Always keep in my exfoliating, moisturizing and toning, they go by in your life no matter there are winters or summers. Do not skip them, never!  The same goes with the use of sunscreen, sun or no sun you need to battle with the UV rays present out there. One important thing that you need to take care about is just like your face wash and body wash you cannot use the same moisturizer for winters, you need to swap it which retains the moisture for a longer time. You can use moisturizer by KAYA.


Apple, orange, kiwi, pomegranate, banana are essentials for your skin. What makes them so special is that they contain malic acid, potassium, vitamin c which hydrates the skin, promotes youthful skin. Also, just to add in your winter skin care routine add juice made of fresh fruits and for more benefits add Indian gooseberry to your diet and start making peace with your vegetables! So add carrots and tomatoes to your diet!

winter skin care


You need to exercise at least for an hour daily, no matter if it’s freezing out there and you don’t feel like coming out of your blanket, you cannot make an excuse. Stay indoors do some basic exercises, for that flawless skin!

Always remember, to get that nice, soft skin you need to put some efforts, the amount of efforts you put will be shown through the glow on your face! Work hard, eat right and follow your daily winter skin care routine!

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