Fed up of Acne ? Try the Most Effective Home Remedies for Acne

home remedies for acne

“ Oh! No! Not you again! You red swelled up thing ! “ A trail of disappointment goes down your nerve when you see that acne on your face isn’t it?

What is acne ? Something which I don’t want any girl to face ever in my life ! And since this ain’t possible, I found some basics do’s and don’ts for your skin !

First and the most important thing is identify your skin type! Oily, normal,sensitive, dry?  For oily and dry skins please please avoid repetitive washing of your face! It’s a big big myth that washing face will prevent acne, it won’t for your skin type. Excess of dryness and excess of oil on your face will lead to acne!

Once you are done  with knowing your skin type ,add these steps in your daily routine and see those magical results!

Most Effective Home Remedies for Acne

1:) Water, Water everywhere !!

You need to keep yourself hydrated, no matter what ! Add as many liquids as  you can add in your routine! Lemonade is a good alternative but benefits of water are not replaceable ! The more water you drink, the more you flush out those toxins ! So always carry a water bottle with you, no matter where are you going ! It non negotiable !

home remedies for acneWatermelon is one thing which is loved by many and the best part , water content in watermelon is approx 92 percent !! Isn’t that a great thing?

2:) C is not just an alphabet, it’s a Vitamin as well!home remedies for acne

Vitamin C is really really important for your skin to glow and to prevent those acne from coming! Eat tablets which contain Vitamin C ( do consult a doctor before taking any sort of tablet ) , eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C such as papaya , kiwi, oranges, cauliflowers, broccoli, pineapple,strawberries! All these delicious fruits will not only help you to stay fit but also give you a glowing mesmerising skin!

3:) Soap War !!home remedies for acne

Don’t don’t don’t use soaps with high PH level, it will leave your skin super dry! Use a product and then swear by it ! To prevent acne two products which have fabulous results are :- kaya acne care face wash and Rensa.

Kaya acne face wash is easily available at any of their outlets !

Rensa is medicated face wash specifically used for curing acne. Can be easily found in any medical store.

4:) Burst acne, Burst out in tears !!home remedies for acne

Yes ! Once you burst that acne, it will not only leave a permanent dark mark on your face but will always give rise to more acne! The simple concept behind this is once you burst the acne it will release a fluid which will you get on your fingertips and then with those fingers you will touch your face and then a whole new cycle will start ! So don’t ever burst those acne or else you will burst out in tears !

5:) Acne ! Acne go away!

Yes they come, yes they go but you cannot ignore the fact they stay ! They stay for a while ! They are a little stubborn, but they do go without harming you face if you don’t touch them!!

So, just in case you see an acne on your face, the very first thing you should do is wash your face and apply toothpaste on that acne before going to sleep. In the morning when you wash your face you will see that the acne is almost dry now. Make sure that the toothpaste does not have bleaching agents, and for that purpose use the White Colgate ! To reduce the redness of the pimple apply ice !

Another way to get rid of the acne is use a mild gel which dries up the acne. One  such product  is ClindoxylGel! A very mild and  effective cream which needs to be applied on the acne 3-4 hours before you sleep. Wash your face before you go to bed !

6:) Marking of the territory !

You are a blessed soul if those acnes don’t leave some dark marks on your face! The ones with  sensitive skin will definitely relate to this one. So some home made remedies to get rid of those dark spots are :-

Lemon!! Yes ! Lemon is high in salicylicacid, and hence help in lightning those  dark spots! ( now you know why lemon is used for cleaning those dark elbows and knees) . Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected area and keep it for 10/15 minutes and wash it away , repeat this on alternate days( as lemon is highly acidic will leave you with dry and itchy skin, so don’t use it on regular basis)home remedies for acne

Honey is another product which you can apply on the affected area and keep it on for the entire night. Results will be seen after a week or so!

Apart from these home remedies, you can use lightning creams!

Last but not the least , after washing your face use a good good moisturiser , would recommend Acrofy for those who are already suffering from acne, do not go out without applying sunscreen, apply it half n hour before you have to leave, do not use other people hacker Chiefs or towels, remove makeup before you go to bed , if possible do apply a night serum and the most important thing stay away from junk , fried food and COFFEE! No matter how much u love drinking coffee you need to keep a check on your intake to not get those acnes on your face and yes please exercise, increase in weight is another reason for acne !

Swear by these do’s and don’ts for a month feel the change and then swear by these steps again for lifetime !

An engineer by profession , I Samridhi Arora has a self belief that nothing is impossible ! Be it something in your personal life or professional life and A strong believer of the fact that hard work never goes unawarded ! A fitness enthusiast , an avid reader and someone with a happy go lucky nature can perfectly sum up my description!


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