Glycerin for Skin | Get a Glowing Skin with Glycerin

Glycerin for Skin

Do you suffer from dry skin?? Then glycerin for skin should be your must have product from now onward. There are countless kitchen ingredients that can be used on skin, glycerin is the one.

Glycerin is well known for its medicinal properties. Mainly it is used in winters to curb the dry skin and keep the skin moisturized, but it has myriad of uses other than just moisturizing.

Glycerin is humectant which means it attracts the water from the surroundings and keeps the skin well hydrated. Its good for oily skin as it doesn’t clog the pores as well as for dry skin, in healing it.

Apart from skin, if works as wonder for hair too. It can be used in hair masks for dry hair.

Glycerin for Skin and its Benefits

  • Glycerin makes your skin smooth and beautiful. If you have dry or rough patches, it will heal the dry skinand will make it soft and smooth
  • It works as magic to treat your cracked heels overnight.
  • It plays an important roll in cell maturation.
  • Provides protection to your skin by keeping the outer layer of the skin intact. It acts as a barrier between your skin and harmful pollutants.
  • With its water absorbing property, it always keeps your skin moisturized.

Homemade Lotions with Glycerin

Rosewater and Glycerin

The most renowned and effective use of glycerin is with water. It prevents acne causing bacteria and reduce pimples. Excellent things about this solution is that skin absorbs it instantly. To use rosewater and glycerin, mix  1 ½ cup of rosewater and 1/4th of glycerin to prepare the solution. Wash your face and pat dry. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution and leave it for few minutes till your skin absorbs it.

Lemon and Glycerin

Lemon’s antibacterial and antifungal properties make it natural alternative to treat acne. This solution helps to shed dead skin. To use lemon and glycerin, you need one cup of glycerin and add 2 tbsp of lemon to it. Apply this mixture on clean face and don’t go out in sun, this will damage your skin. This solution works as a magic to lighten the skin without making it oily or too dry.

Honey and Glycerin

Honey is natural antioxidant and protects the skin from the damage from sun rays. It keeps the skin moisturized and is great at treating scar marks. To use glycerin and honey, take equal proportions of honey and glycerin and mix well. Apply it all over your face and neck. Wash off after 15-20 minutes with cold water and you will have beautiful, hydrated and glowing skin.

Homemade Glycerin Face Packs

Multani mitti and almond powder

Multani mitti is capable of removing all the dead skin and impurities  from the skin. To make the pack, take 1tbsp of multani mitti, 4tbsp of almond powder and 2 tbsp of glycerin. Mix well to make a paste. Apply it on your blackheads. Wash it with cold water when it dries.

Banana and Glycerin

Minerals in banana will replenish your skin with all the vital nutrients. Take 1 tbsp of glycerin and 3 tbsp of mashed banana. Mix well into a paste and gently apply it on your face. Wash off after 20-25 minutes. Your skin will become much more blemish free after using this pack.

Neem and Glycerin

This pack works best for acne prone oily skin. Having antibacterial properties, neem will clear the pimple causing bacteria. Grind some neem leaves or you can use 2 tbsp of neem powder and add 1 tbsp of glycerin and mix them to obtain a paste. Apply it on your face and wash after 20 minutes with cold water.

Some Don’ts to Keep in Mind

  • Don’t use glycerin directly on your face, dilute it in water or rosewater.
  • Don’t combine it with lotions which are already sticky.
  • Don’t use it for long, it will over hydrate your skin.
  • Don’t use it before you leave your house. It will attract more dust and pollution.

Having a hectic schedule you seldom get time to make your own lotions. But people go to any extent for gorgeous skin. Remember, your skin is your first impression and natural methods are always safe over using every beauty product available in the market.

Use these homemade recipes and say adios to dry skin and hello to soothed and soft skin 😉

Hi I am Prerna Bajaj, a college going student currently pursuing Drenched with creativity and i feel i need a platform to show it. I hope my words were relevant to your hunt and could bring a good impact.


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