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contrast shower

Only with age you begin to understand how much our beauty depends on our health! With the first signs of wilting, many women spend their entire salary on beauty salons – only to return to their former appeal. Of course, high-quality care for the face and body helps us to become beautiful and tidy. But there is completely free to heal and rejuvenate your body with the help of simple procedures available to absolutely everyone – it’s contrast shower!

Contrast Shower at a Glance

Such an alternating douche – a home way of hardening. Cooling body temperature below 36.6 degrees, the body begins to use back-up resources. What is more important this improves the immune system and increases its overall tone.

For every woman such procedure promotes to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, which helps reduce stretch marks or to prevent their occurrence. Due to lymphatic drainage effect contrast shower helps to eliminate from the body not only excess fluid, but also harmful substances. And, of course, thanks to this douche helps to lose weight.  Because reduces subcutaneous fat layer and, accordingly, cellulite.

How to take a contrast shower. Correct douche

Important! Correct douche always begins with warm water and ends with cold water!

Taking douche – do not stand under it with your head, only to spray the body and face.

Douches are best taken in the morning or evening after at least a few simple physical exercises to warm up muscles.

Stand under a stream of warm water, warm the whole body for 1 minute.

Then turn on the cold water and pour over 20 seconds.

No need to rush things and immediately include ice water. You can just get sick. So even if at first it is a little cool water – it must be pleasing to you, not cause negative feelings and emotions. Normally, the body itself will tell you when it is possible to make the water colder. Just enjoy the process!

Then warm up for 1 minute.

Then again turn out in the cold for 30 seconds.

Total number of such transitions must be at least 3: if you want more – do as you wish!

To finish douche of cold water is necessary.

After douche rub the body with a rough towel.  Then put wheat germ oil. To enhance the effect against cellulite also can be added to the basic oil some drops of ginger essential oil, orange oil, lemon or bergamot.

Important! After contrast douche at least 30 mins stay at home before going out.

It is necessary to take contrast shower regularly (preferably every day), so that it becomes a habit. Finally, it gives us a boost of energy and vitality. Just 5-7 mins for duration.


  • during colds, snuffle and exacerbation of chronic diseases, especially when the body temperature is raised.
  • it is not recommended to use a douche for hypertension, thrombosis, cancer and pregnancy.
I am Primshits Lena. For a long time I had been engaged in the restoration of my health, since then it has become part of my life. I continue to develop myself in the yoga of mind and movement. I was able to get good results in the field of healthy way of life. With pleasure I use writing as means of sharing my experience and knowledge.


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