Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy: Keep Calm I am Pregnant

Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

A week ago you missed your period and you discovered that you are pregnant!! Your test result confirmed this and your joy is beyond any limitations. But you may not be aware that your body has already shifted gears to help you nourish your baby in utero grow. For Next few weeks you shall be experiencing many very early symptoms of pregnancy as your body and mind are reacting towards the new atmosphere inside.

‘Look how sluggish I feel!!’

‘I don’t feel like going to work!’

‘Why am I nauseated all the time?’

Many more quote like these and you are good to go through your first trimester of pregnancy. Of course missed period is the first and foremost noticeable sign of being pregnant, but one may also feel a few symptoms within 1-2 weeks after that.

Four Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

  • Sluggishness or fatigue: One of the first signs of pregnancy that may strike you within few days or sometimes even before misses your period. One may feel lacking spirit for any task at hand. Physical slowness may also leave you feel disinterested.
  • Morning sickness: Nausea and those acidity attacks may leave you little disappointed. I have heard many complaining of acidity in morning accompanied by vomiting or serious urge to vomit. Uncontrolled vomiting should be reported to doctor immediately. She/he may prescribe you medicine for immediate control. Usually it is controlled naturally within 3 months.
  • Raised body temperature: sudden increase in progesterone level occurs in early pregnancy in order to sustain pregnancy and thicken the lining in uterus. This causes a raised basal body temperature. There is nothing to be worried about. But raised temperature 100 f or above demand a physician consultation.
  • Mild spotting: This may be implantation bleed which might have happens after 1-2 weeks of ovulation. This is usually very mild. Sometimes it will happen even before you suspect you are pregnant. Every bleed after or around conception should be discussed with your doctor.

One may also feel aversion to food, tendency to urinate frequently, breast tenderness now or in coming 1 month. The earliest symptoms may not be same for everyone. Talking and discussing and getting a right opinion are necessary. Indulge into book reading, good music, avoid standing for long and report any black outs or fainting attacks immediately. Happy Nine months and beyond!!

I am a doctor and a public health specialist from Delhi. I have expertise in Obstetrics & Gynecology, child health and vaccinations. Formerly I worked with WHO’s immunization program in rural India as a technical consultant. I believe that accurate and relevant health information is the key to positive behavioral change subsequently leading to good health. I am an ardent traveler and a passionate writer.


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