Post natal care


Post natal period or post partum care is the care given to mother and baby during first 6 weeks following delivery.

Puerperium refers to the first six weeks following childbirth where the physical and physiological changes in the body due to pregnancy revert to the normal.

Mother needs proper rest and sleep though the sleep often get disturbed as baby wake up every 3 to 4 hours. Clock for the motherĀ  and baby will be different.

Proper nutrition during this period is very much essential for healing, recovery and also to meet the increasing demands due to breast feeding.

Hygiene is also most important during this period. Vaginal discharges and wound cleaning need to be taken care as a priority.

Post natal exercises promote speedy recovery and regaining muscle strength.

Frequent check ups also is necessary to notice early symptoms of puerperal infection or any other complications.

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