Pinks and Blues of First Time Pregnancy

first time pregnancy

Two pink lines change your life beyond your imagination. Be it a planned pregnancy or an unplanned one, first time pregnancy will wrap you with an overwhelming blanket of emotions. No matter what the situation is, this beautiful journey remains as most cherished time among many women I’ve known. The term of pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters roughly having three months each.

First Time Pregnancy at a Glance

Talk to your spouse: Make him a part of this pregnancy in every way possible. It’s hard to digest for a father. Trust me, my husband did not take my pregnancy seriously till the time he could really see my bulging tummy.

Due date calculation made easy: Use any due date calculator available on internet and know when your ‘bundle of joy’ is arriving.

Consult your doctor: monthly visits are planned till the end of second trimester, then fortnightly and in last two weeks its weekly. You must not miss on your appointments with your attending OBGY when she herself has planned your visit. It is necessary to run a few test like hemoglobin, TORCH infections, Hepatitis B, HIV, Measles, rubella, chickenpox etc to ensure your wellbeing. Ultrasounds shall also be planned for each trimester. In any condition, ensure minimum of 3 visits, one each for each trimester with all the basic tests and ultrasound done.

Nutrition: Concentrate on balanced diet rather than adding calories. Consume good amount of water to avoid constipation. Nutritional supplements as advised by your OBGY are a must. Get the Best Diet During Pregnancy.

Working moms: Many women these days prefer to work as long as they can even till the last day of pregnancy. Depending on your stamina, support given, choice, travel required you can choose to work. Discuss your working condition with your doctor and make an informed choice.

Morning sickness: The most common blues of first time pregnancy is the morning sickness. Lethargic mood, with nausea is quite evident in the first trimester. Usually you should be fine when you hit second trimester.

Warning signs: Any amount of bleeding, haziness, visual disturbance, sudden fall, lack of baby movements, cramps, excessive watery discharge, rashes, fever, diarrhea ,headache, vomiting ,swelling in feet should be immediately reported to doctor.

Do the planning around birth:  Third trimester is the best time to plan the following. The place of delivery, medical insurance documents, place of post delivery care, hired support needed with post delivery, baby clothes, diapers, feeding pillow, nursing brassiere etc. Keep the hospital bag ready.

A few handy tips for first time pregnancy

  • Wear comfortable non slippery footwear
  • Keep the night lamp/bulb on in room and bathroom at night
  • Keep a snack box( biscuits, banana, sweet etc ) always near your pillow
  • Get a list of medications allowed for common ailments from your OBGY
  • Wear comfortable clothing. I would recommend pair of maternity pajamas.
  • Enjoy the glow, shiny long hair and pamper yourself.
I am a doctor and a public health specialist from Delhi. I have expertise in Obstetrics & Gynecology, child health and vaccinations. Formerly I worked with WHO’s immunization program in rural India as a technical consultant. I believe that accurate and relevant health information is the key to positive behavioral change subsequently leading to good health. I am an ardent traveler and a passionate writer.


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