Five Post Partum Depression Symptoms

post partum depression symptoms
5 Symptoms of Post Partum You Should Never Ignore

Post partum depression is real. It actually exists. Not many women and their caregivers understand post partum depression symptoms and hence in certain cases, not much importance maybe given to it. Here are some ways to identify if you yourself or anyone close to you is suffering from it.

Symptoms of Post Partum Depression

  1. Unexplained irritability– Tolerance threshold of a person suffering from post partum depression goes very low and even the slightest provocation can blow up into a huge issue. There might be no rationale behind that irritation and every minute thing can also ignite a fire.
  2. Difficulty in sleeping– having a baby is a beautiful but a taxing job. It anyways is like opening your doors to at least two years of sleepless nights spent in feeding and changing a baby. But those suffering from PPD may find it hard to sleep even when their baby is sleeping and is perfectly comfortable. Insomnia just adds to the general irritability that the person is already suffering from.
  3. Loss of appetite– a new mother’s appetite is usually high since she might be breastfeeding her baby. But those depressed may not want to eat at all or eat very less. This can even affect the breast milk supply.
  4. Difficulty in bonding with the baby– a mother and her child’s bond is the strongest bond on earth and is unbreakable. But in this case, a woman doesn’t feel the same kind of love and affection that she should ideally feel for her newborn. She might not feel like nursing the baby or tending to the baby when it cries. She might even get irritated on hearing the baby’s cries.
  5. Mood swings– anything and everything can become a trigger. One minute a person is absolutely fine and the next moment, a sudden and an overwhelming wave of intense sadness might engulf you. This may be totally unexplainable and irrational in certain cases.

All the new mothers reading this article, kindly take some time to analyze your thoughts and assess your state of mind. You might be suffering from baby blues and you might not even know it. Let me also add that this article is not meant to instill any kind of irrational fear into anyone. It is only meant to help you in assessing yourself and any new mothers around you so that timely and correct help can be provided.

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