First Signs of Pregnancy and How to detect them

First Signs of Pregnancy
First Signs of Pregnancy

Much prior to a missing period, the First Signs of Pregnancy can be detected earlier than that. For a full proof assurance, a pregnancy test is the best technique to follow. However with all these First Signs of Pregnancy shown, you can fully confirm the fact that you are expecting the good news:

First Signs of Pregnancy

So here’s a list of the most common symptoms that a woman can experience if pregnant:

  1. Exhaustion: Easy fatigue and exhaustion is one of the most common symptoms in pregnant women. With an increased level of progesterone, Exhaustion is a natural occurrence.
  2. Food Craving: There is a peculiar craving for certain foods that are sweet or sour. Hormonal transformations result in this behaviour.
  3. Frequency in urination: Urination happens more when a woman is pregnant and this is one of the clear reasons that you can be pregnant.
  4. Swollen breasts: One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a change in the sensitivity of breasts. They become tender along and develop with an increased size.
  5. Vomiting with nausea: There is a natural morning sickness that occurs just within first three weeks of conception. It may lead to vomiting with an increased sensitivity to smells that can cause nausea.
  6. Mood swings: Mood swings again related with hormonal changes is another prevalent signs in pregnancy.
  7. Dizzy feeling: With a sudden drop of blood pressure, pregnant women suffer from dizziness.
  8. Constipation: Pregnancy can result in a slow digestive system. This can result in constipation.
  9. Implantation bleeding: Although it lasts for a shorter amount of time, yet this light bleeding occurs when fertilized egg fuses with the uterus lining. . Usually implantation bleeding is light unlike menstrual bleeding
  10. Headaches and Back aches: Lower back aches and unusual start of headaches are also a natural occurrence due to the hormonal changes.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Although it is largely believed that First Signs of Pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman.

However the above list represents the most predominant changes in body processes. If you experience the above changes and haven’t yet examined a pregnancy test, then check How to detect pregnancy at home. Good Luck! A lot of care is required during pregnancy. Find your fertile days with Pregnancy Calculator

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