5 Most Common Pregnancy Myths

common pregnancy myths
Most Common Myths During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for every woman, but sometimes along with that comes a whole lot of unsolicited advice and myths that a woman might be asked to follow. Let us talk about some of the pregnancy myths that I got to hear during my pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Myths

  1. Eat for two– Yes, you have a little human inside who you need to support and nourish but that does not mean you have to pile up on the calories. The calorific requirements increases during pregnancy but that should be supplemented by a balanced healthy diet. Eat whatever your body allows. Your human will get what it needs from you. Eating for two people will just add some stubborn pregnancy fat, which you would later have a tough time shedding off. You can also consult any nutritionist for a proper diet during pregnancy.
  2. Do not do any work and just rest– Being pregnant and making a little human is a tiring job and sometimes you might not even feel like getting out of bed but you need to stay active during your pregnancy. A light stroll, yoga, stretching and light cardio are different ways to keep oneself active. Exercise releases endorphins, which are rightly called “the happy hormones”. A happy mother automatically leads to a happy healthy baby. This advice is only to be followed if you have a normal pregnancy with no complications and after due consultation with your doctor.
  3. Do not apply henna– Indian women in certain parts of the country are often told not to apply henna on their head or hands when they are pregnant. This has absolutely no scientific background to it. The only thing to be remembered is that henna has cooling properties and should probably be avoided in very cold weather for fear of catching a cold. Besides a little beautification and pampering never hurt any pregnant lady.
  4. Do not watch horror or crime movies– these are supposed to have a negative influence on the unborn baby. There is no doubt that listening to good soothing music and watching devotional and movies with happy endings will keep you calm and happy and directly affect the baby but watching something else, once in a while will in no way harm your baby. Kindly do not follow this if you yourself have a low fear threshold.
  5. Foods to make the baby fairer– Our obsession with skin color sometimes starts early in the womb itself. Some women are fed saffron, almonds, coconut water etc. as these are believed to make the baby’s skin color fair. Skin color is a genetic trait that is passed on from the parents to the baby and has nothing to do with the diet. They will definitely make the pregnant lady’s skin glow but will surely not make the baby fairer.

Those of you reading this and currently pregnant, enjoy your pregnancy and kindly do not follow anything and everything blindly. Hope these pregnancy myths help you to take smart decision. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

I'm a doctor and a public health specialist. I am an expert in Obstetrics and gynecology, vaccinations and preventive health care. I earlier used to work with World Health Organization as a technical consultant to the government machinery at district level. I am now a full time mother to a one year old adorable daughter. Music and books keep me going.


  1. Hahahah!! I remember getting some really absurd advice from well-meaning aquiantances and even family members. Thanks for sharing!


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