Simplified Online Registration Process at PGIMER

Making the city a smart city is in the best interest of it’s people. Today, we are working to make our city smart in terms of mobility, communication, waste disposal and in many more areas. Among all these parameters how can we forget about smart health care facilities. Smart health care means smart hospitals which focus on a better provision which creates an environment that fosters patient’s well being. Our city has already begun the process of making itself smart in terms of health care by introducing the option of online registration at PGIMER.

PGIMER (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) which goes by the motto “Service to the Community, Care of the Needy and Research for the Good of All”is a recognized and a very well-established medical and research institution in Chandigarh, India. Located at a very prime location – Sector 12, it has become one of the most reliable and secure options even for the people of nearby cities and states to rely upon.The number of patients approaching this hospital for availing health care has been growing ever since it was founded. More patients mean longer queues and more waiting thus making the process of PGIMER online registration for patients much more tedious and difficult.

But now the initiatives have been taken to lessen the congestion. PGI has introduced the service of Online OPD Registration which means there is no need for the patients to stand in long queues for their OPD cards. On just a few clicks you can book an appointment at PGI hospital and all of this is possible while sitting in comfort at your home.

One has to follow just a few easy-peasy steps. But, the process of PGIMER online registration is different for new and existing patients. Basically, the new patients have to get registered thus get an OPD card which is the add-on to the process, whereas the old patients are already registered and own an OPD card. If you are facing any kind of confusion about the online registration at PGIMER then all you need is to go through this article once.

PGIMER Online Registration for New Patients

If you are a new patient at PGI which means visiting there for the first time it’s a compulsion for you to go through the registration process which may be online or offline. So following are the steps for online registration:

Go to PGIMER Online Registration Portal 

Or follow the link

On clicking the above link, a page opens up as shown below
PGIMER online registration portal
Start filling the PGIMER online registration form correctly.

  • First, you need to select the department(department is basically the kind of treatment you want to avail). For example – Paediatric Surgery, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, Drug De-addiction and Treatment Center, etc.


  • Then enter all information asked in the form for eg- Name, DOB, age.


  • Next, click on “Available Visit Date”. Here you can find all the dates available and the patient can choose the date that best suits him/her for the appointment.
    dates for PGIMER online registration
  • After selection of the date further, fill out the rest of the form including the captcha and then click on “Register”.

You’ll receive an SMS and an Email which will contain the details regarding your registration, thus confirming that you’re successfully registered.

The further process requires the details that you have received through SMS or email so keep them safe.

After the Registration at PGIMER

Now after the registration is complete, the new patients still have to go through a small series of steps before they can get an appointment. Make sure you reach the hospital on your appointment date before time so that there is no hassle for you to face.

You need to go to your respective counter. There is a separate counter for online registrations which is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The queue at this counter is smaller than compared to others (you may have to get there a bit early to make sure your turn comes in time).

Here at the counter, you will be required to show your registration number and a few more details after which you will get your “Patient Job Card” which will then be collected by the officials at your concerned department. This is where your procedure ends then you’ll be called for your appointment.

PGIMER Online Registration for Existing Patients

If you’ve already visited PGI before and you have the OPD card which was provided to you when you registered for the first time then here are the instructions you need to follow:

Book your Appointment at PGI now

or simply follow this link

  • Then click on “Online Appointment”

    PGIMER online registration for existing patients

  • Now, you will see a message as shown below ”Do you have Central Registration Number Of PGIMER?”.

Select “Yes”.
CR number pgimer

  • After that you will have to enter your 12 Digit CR number. After entering your CR number click on “Generate OTP”

    CR mumber PGIMER online registration

  • After completing the previous step you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered number.

On the day of appointment you are required to go to the specified counter for online registration and give your CR No. and other details that are required.

This is how you can register for your appointment for the desired date at maximum ease which means no more standing in long queues, no more waiting for a day or so to get OPD card. Thus, this online system has a lot of benefits like decreased costs, the enhanced comfort level of patients, reduced errors, reduced loss of patient records and more productivity. People from different cities and states would now feel more encouraged to get better healthcare. It has also made the situation easier for the staff at PGI itself.

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