PGI Lab Reports Online – Now Get Your PGI Test Reports Online

pgi lab reports

GOOD NEWS..!!!  No more standing in line to get your PGI Lab reports. Well, we all are aware of the long stressful queues for waiting in hospitals. That annoying scorching heat. People creating hustling in a small room with a single fan to stand in line and then pushing over one another makes one resistant to go to hospitals especially in summers. You literally cannot even think about it because imagining this scenario only grossed you out. After such difficulties, finally getting your test reports becomes even more challenging but not in PGI Chandigarh. After the PGI Online Registration process, a new system for PGI test reports has been launched.

PGI Lab Reports Online

Trying to comfort patients and the general public by starting Online laboratory reports is the next step taken by this premier medical institute. Now you can view your test reports of PGIMER Chandigarh online.

View your test reports done at PGIMER Chandigarh

Complete Guide to PGI Lab Reports Online

Appropriate measures have been taken to maintain security of the reports. To access laboratory reports, a patient needs to enter CR number on the PGI website which after conforming the details will send an OTP to the associated mobile number by which a person can view only his own reports.

This service will not only help the patients but will ease the hospital staff as well. The system will link all the medical reports of the patient registered ( of any department ) making it easy for the doctor to study the case history and then give the treatment accordingly after observing all aspects.

The institute tends to add more labs of tricity into it’s database so as to wider it’s reach.

Hope for the best and let’s spread the word and help those people who wait in long queues for their test reports.



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