Self Love | 7 Ways to Practice Self Love | How to Love Yourself

self love

We all are product of love. It’s the power of love that holds us into this universe – the love for family, friends, nature, work etc. From this ocean of love, can’t we spare some drops for ourselves?
Self love is an art that is to be mastered. It’s dynamic and grows with your actions, with the realization that your life matters, atleast for you. Understand your inner-self, your essence and your worthiness. It’s your responsibility to tell the universe what you are worthy of?

You must feel what you are and make sure you feel beautiful.

7 Ways to Practice Self Love

  • Show gratitude for yourself – Stop taking your life and your body for granted. You are worthy of being loved more than anyone and anything in this universe. Take out some me-time and create a self-love ritual. No one knows what empowers you better than you.

You must know what you are striving for and then put your heart and soul to achieve it as a reward to oneself. Always treat your soul as a child and nurture it with liveliness, good thoughts and immense love.

  • Learn to say ‘No’ – Prioritize people as well as things in your life. Saying no might sound easy-to-do but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Socially active souls jump into matters in micro-seconds.

I am not asking you to stand empty handed when someone is in need. But a requisite balance is required. There is no fun in cracking your bones due to incessant bowing down when the person on other end is not even flexible enough to turn around. At that point, realize your worth and stay firm.

  • Practice self-care – Nurture the outer you as well. Help yourself with spa, foot massage, head massage etc. Keep your surroundings clean enough for new things and thoughts to enter your periphery. Also, feed yourself wisely because when you look good, you for sure feel good.
  • Prevent self-sabotage – Bosom yourself with productive ideas. Destructive mentality would pull you down. Just stop victimizing yourself. Stand tall and own your actions rather than starting the blame-game.

It’s all about how we perceive things. We are so busy embracing what all the world is throwing upon us and forget to see what we hold inside and out. The strong in you should always shine. You have the right to reach zenith and believe me you belong there.

  • Let the creativity flow – It’s human behaviour that we cherish the feeling of bringing something new onto this universe. Experience the magic of filling your life with those creative-me It would help you to eliminate the stagnation and resentment from your life. It would enable you to love yourself more as you’ll attain a more positive outlook regarding yourself.
  • No more comparisons – No one is going to stay with you forever, may be not even till you reach your death bed. So, why don’t you love the person who’ll be there with you in your crests and troughs? Just care for that person; have faith in him/her; accept the way he/she is.
  • Learn to forgive – It’s human tendency to learn from mistakes. You can’t evolve without doing mistakes. Forgive the people who made you feel low, don’t hold onto that baggage. Above that, forgive yourself for the things you have done wrong. Make sure that you learn from them but for now, just move on.

Self love should not be misunderstood as self-obsession or narcissism. They are quite opposite to each other. One should never be self-obsessed. Working on oneself for betterment is very important. We can’t put growth of our personality on occlusion. Evolve with time. Don’t underestimate yourself. Be the way you are meant to be. Don’t let the world shape you up. Stand out proudly and stargaze.


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