Get Motivated |10 Ways To Get Daily Dose Of Motivation

10 Ways To Get Motivated

Bigger is your dream, bigger is the opportunity and disappointments are therefore obvious. But as it is said every setback is a setup to come back.

It shouldn’t even matter whether it’s dark or illuminated outside, but the flame, the passion to achieve your goals, should be flourishing within.

A garden never looks beautiful without the fallen dry leaves. Even your journey won’t be worth noticing without dips and dims. When the times are dark, see within yourself, get up and keep going. There is no scope for baffling oneself in one’s mental limitations.

The success awaits you, follow these 10 steps to experience new motivated ‘YOU’:

Get Motivated Now

  • Think Positive

It’s the law of attraction that governs the world and beyond. The vibes you pass on to the universe come back to you. You’ll receive what you’ll expect. So, think positive and attract positivity into your life.

  • Accept Failures

Wake up every morning and appreciate what all you have. More importantly, appreciate the goodness of dark. The best way to overcome the fear of stumbling is accepting it as the part of your journey.

  • Imagine

It’s rightly said that if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Our sixth sense “the imagination” is far more important than knowledge. It can give us wings and take us anywhere and everywhere. So, imagine every day the life you dream of and keep the spirit of motivation high.

  • Stay inspired

Take out some time to go through the success stories, motivational videos, quotes, books etc. Follow some motivational pages as well.

Have you ever written a resume? Think about yourself in that way and paint a beautiful picture of yourself. Write the reasons regarding how you are worthy enough to accomplish your goals? Fix that chart somewhere and go through it daily.

  • Fix short term targets

Set a goal big enough to blow your mind when you think about it. Plan your daily and weekly targets and strive hard for their completion. Accomplishment of these targets would keep your spirit high to do better.

  • Be a creator

Bring something new into the world every day, no matter what it is. It would work wonders if it’s related to your ambition. At the end of the day, you should have something to point on to and say “I did it “.

  • Practice control

Learn to control your state of being, practice it and in no time you’ll be closer to what you thought won’t be easy enough.

  • Walk fast

Walk .25 times faster than your normal walking pace. Believe me, it does wonders. You’ll feel more empowered.

  • Goodbye to negative energies

Stay away from negative people. Even their vibes would drain out positivity from you. Get involved with ennobling and get-going souls.

  • Show love

We all are product of love. It’s the guiding force of universe. Show immense love for oneself (i am not preaching narcissism), for whatever you want to achieve and see the miracles happening.

To culminate, it’s very important to bring changes into your daily routine. Doing bit by bit everyday is lot more beneficial than doing a lot but sometimes.

Also, change the way you look at things and the things you look at would for sure change by themselves.

So, play your part well by following above listed 10 ways to get motivated daily and make the world spellbound. After all, you were never created to be an average.

I am a dreamer, evolver and light bringer with passion for reading and writing. Also, a self-love preacher who celebrates the beauty and freedom of being true to oneself.



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