Painful menstruation or Dysmenorrhoea


The most common problem during menstruation are menstrual pain or dysmenorrhoea. It cam range from mild pain to unbearable cramps. It can be associated with other symptoms like nausea,vomiting, back pain etc.

There are two types of dymenorrhoea. Primary and secondary.

Primary Dysmenorrhoea is painful periods from onset itself.

It often starts after the first period,as a woman begins to ovulate regularly. Pain usually starts a day or two before menstrual flow, and may continue through first 2 days of the period.
It is caused by strong contractions of the uterus initiated by prostaglandin.

Secondary Dysmenorrhoea is menstrual pain that develops later in woman who had normal periods.
Secondary dysmenorrhoea may be due to underlying pathology.

Most common causes of secondary dysmenorrhoea is endometrosis, fibroids pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted disease or hormonal factors.

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  1. Mam do you have any advice for the pain? As in what we should do in this case? Im facing this problem and it has got severe in past few months..i did went for ultrasound but reports were norml….but the pain is getting severe by every month.


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