Chakra Meditation | Awaken your unseen powers

chakra meditation
chakra meditation

Chakra Meditation is effortless. It allows a person to focus all his energies on to the present moment rather than on the unalterable past and uncertain future. It is definitely an effective method to release stress and improve the quality of life. It can be defined as a state where our mind is at peace but remains alert.

Chakra Meditation

chakra meditation

Relation between Meditation and Enlightenment
chakra meditation

Let us understand the Chakra Meditation with the image above. Within every human being lies a dormant maternal energy at the base of the spine called as Kundalini. When this unseen power is awakened, there is a tremendous flow of energy from the spinal cord to chakras in the body. This is called as Self-Realization or Enlightenment. When a person meditates, he or she learns how to decode this subtle energy and how to balance it.

chakra meditation

Stages of Meditation

  • In the first stage the mind keeps wandering as there is a lot of distraction. It is difficult to focus on the object of meditation.
  • During the second stage the mind is still distracted and drifts frequently from the object of concentration. But you can sometimes hold the concentration for two minutes or more.
  • In the third stage, majority of the time you are able to concentrate on the object. Sometimes, whenever there is some kind of distraction due to agitation or dullness, it is easier for you to resume meditation quickly.
  • You will sometimes experience agitation and dullness and can hold your concentration for about 5- 10 minutes at one go.
  • In the fifth stage, you can easily meditate on your chosen object without your concentration being disturbed by subtle agitation or dullness .You will be able to concentrate for a longer period of time or for the entire session.
  • In the sixth stage, by now the power of concentration has increased enormously and if there is any subtle agitation or dullness which you might experience, it will be easy to overcome it.
  • You will be able to hold the object of concentration without any extra effort from the beginning till the end of the session.
  • In the final stage, the power of concentration has increased to such an extent that now you can concentrate for longer periods without the least effort.

Chakra Meditation should be continuous. If you leave it in middle and not work towards attaining concentration, all the efforts are futile. Thus continuous practice will help you to keep your goal in mind and encourage you to work towards it.


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