How to Control Hair Fall Naturally at Home

how to control hair fall

Most people nowadays are suffering from a major problem, i.e. Hair-loss! Now everyone wishes to have thick, luscious hair but unfortunately are victims to baldness, hair fall, dandruff etc. Before we find how to control hair fall let us understand what is hair loss? Now as the name suggests it is when a person loses excessive hair from his head. Every one suffers hair loss daily. We break our hair and re-grow it on daily basis which is why our hair looks the same and feels the same. If however, we begin to experience more than usual hair fall, then it is matter of concern.

The next question is what are the causes of such hair loss? Some of the reasons are:

  1. Physical or Emotional Stress- Any kind of mental stress can result in increased hair loss which results in baldness. So, it is very important to be calm and cool minded.
  2. Lack of protein- If you have less protein in your diet, it could also be a major reason causing hair loss. So eating a balanced healthy meal is really important.
  3. Heredity- The common reason is heredity. If your parents or grand-parents experienced hair fall at an earlier stage in their life, chances are that you would also experience the same.
  4. Dramatic weight loss- If you’ve experience a dramatic weight loss, it could be major reason for causing hair loss from your head.

Other reasons that also cause hair fall are:

  1. Using a shampoo which has SLS (Sulphur) as one of its ingredients- Sulphur is really beneficial in properly cleaning the hair and forms a lot of lather but in that process, it is so concentrated and so heavy that it results in washing out of essential oils in your hair. So it is a must that you use a sulphur free shampoo.
  2. Shampooing your hair incorrectly- If you don’t shampoo properly, even then you will experience hair loss as it results as a breeding area of fungi.
  3. Using too much chemicals and blow dryers- You must also not use dry shampoo and also not use blow dryers, hair strengtheners as they radiate a lot of heat which causes hair loss. So, use a natural shampoo which is not too harsh for your hair. Now let us see how to control hair fall by following simple steps:

How to Control Hair Fall Naturally

  1. Black seed oil– Use this oil on the bald spot areas everyday for at least a month. This would really help to re-grow your hair. You can also mix this with coconut oil and use it for your hair. Remember to use 100% pure black seed and coconut oil for your hair.
  2. Fenugreek seeds– Make a paste of fenugreek seeds with water and apply it onto your hair for at least 40 minutes and then wash it with water. Do this for twice or thrice a week for a month and notice the huge difference that it makes.
  3. Ginger Juice– Apply raw ginger juice for 4-5 times a week. The ginger juice contains properties that would really help to stop the hair fall and re-grow your hair.
  4. Aloe Vera– It contains enzymes that help in hair growth. Make a hair mask out of aloe vera and apply it on to your hair and scalp a night before washing. Do this for once a week.
  5. Flaxseeds– To manage hair loss, take a tablespoon of flaxseeds every morning with water which would help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  6. Egg– Egg has properties that helps control hair fall. Take the egg white of an egg and mix it with some olive oil and apply the paste on your head for at least 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with water and a mild shampoo. Do this a few times a week.
  7. Coconut Oil– Use 100% natural coconut oil and apply it from the root of your hair to the tip. This will condition it and also helps in reducing hair fall.

So friends, take the least stress and apply these home remedies for hair fall ! Stay away from all the harsh chemicals and also, most importantly have some patience. Give it a month, at least, to help you re-grow your hair. If none of the remedy works, consult a doctor and you will be good to go!

I'm Malvika Awasthy. I am a student, currently doing Bcom from DAV College, Chandigarh. Debating and public speaking has always been my maestro. I strongly feel that writing is an extremely powerful means of communication that can instill a sense of pollyanna in the most pessimist. I've always created my work keeping in mind my audience.


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