Rest Day – Not just a Day for Body but also for Mind

rest day
Rest day is an integral and necessary part of every workout. This is an important element in addition to your workout and diet to get the most effective results. It’s a break from exhausting, daily workouts that overpower your body, it’s time to rest.
Just one day or two in a training week dedicated solely to rest, to balance and rejuvenate. This applies to both amateurs and professional athletes. Being in the form of not only doing high level workouts, but also the ability to rejuvenate body and mind. Those who remember to regenerate will always be doing top-level workouts. Giving the body the chance to rebuild glycogen stores, prevent over training and injury, and repair the tainted psyche.

Benefits of Rest Day

The regenerated body produces more enzymes to accelerate the process of fat burning, the muscles become more flexible, the heart works better. It’s such an energy injection for another week of workouts.
And how does the soul rest during the day? Do we do anything to keep our psyche free?
There are three types of rest breaks:
  • Break for passive rest
  • Break for recreation, the leisure break
  • Break for developing relations
The break for passive rest is the time when you put aside all your activities and just let yourself live. You can lie on the bed, do nothing, meditate, sit in the chair, listen to relaxing music or cut off your nap. It is important that this rest is passive – you stop acting, you are just.
The leisure break includes activities that help you to regain your strength, or to recreate them. This break improves mood. It involves doing anything that gives you pleasure or pleasure. It can be watching movies, reading books, going for a walk, hike, baking dough, fishing, biking. You can spend this time alone or with another person.
The break to develop relationships is the time when you set aside your personal goals and responsibilities to enjoy being with another person or several people. The main thing is to take care of relationship with partner, children, friends, favorite animal, etc. and forget about your individual aspirations for a moment. If you have a family, the break should be justly divided for the time spent only with your spouse, the time spent with only the children and the time when the whole family is together. If you live with a partner, you must reasonably share the time spent solely with him and the time devoted to your friends. When you slow down and you find time to be with others, you will meet your basic needs of support, tenderness, intimacy, touch. This is essential to your well-being. If you do not spend enough time on important relationships in your life, you will suffer and the people you care too.
It’s important to find time for all three breaks. Each occupies an important place in developing a more relaxed lifestyle.
Rest is not only for active people, but for everyone, especially busy. Many people are inclined to work at full speed. If you are a workaholic you can learn to appreciate the above aspects of life, achieve a more balanced approach. At first, learning to rest can be difficult, but with time it will be easier and more rewarding.
For your well-being plan your week so that all rest breaks will occur on your rest days. The following intervals are recommended: one hour per day, one day per week, one week per 3 to 4 months.
Rest day – it is not for the weak, it is necessary for everyone.
Psychologist, gymfreak and horse riding enthusiast. I am writing about personal development, training, motivation, happiness, passion etc. My motto: healthy body - healthy mind and healthy mind - healthy body!


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