Battle with Fatigue – Learn How to conquer it!


Are you constantly taking dreams of going back to sleep, or are you one of those people who pray for the  party to get canceled so that you can go home and sleep? Is pillow your best friend? Or even if you sleep for hours you still wake up tired ? Are you snoring in the middle of lectures or yawning in those long office meetings? Then my friend you are suffering from Fatigue !!

Depression, lack of exercise, low sugar level, anemia, thyroid, diabetes are main reasons why one suffers from fatigue. Apart from this many medicines  also lead to fatigue

How to Conquer Fatigue

Let us consider few simple rules to conquer Fatigue!


Good eating habits helps you to grow, provides you with energy, the efficiency of doing a work automatically increases ! Fresh fruits, cereals,milk, dry fruits, green leafy vegetables makes a balanced diet! Avoid fried food, sweets, coffee, tinned food, pizzas, pastas etc. Intake of fruits should be high during the day time as in the morning the metabolic rate of our body is high at that timeAvoid excess of two “S”,that is , salt and sugar ! Add vitamins to your diet!


Advancement in technology has helped us in many ways but taken a toll on our physical activities ! Travelling by cars even if it’s for a shorter distance, sitting in front of our laptops or tv etc makes our brain to work at a slower pace.

Walking,Jogging, Dancing, Gym,Swimming and other outdoor activities are all good avenues of exercising ! Practice of yoga postures not only helps you to keep yourself fresh through out the day, but also helps in curing many diseases effecting people today. Exercising helps you in improving physical and mental health and also makes you emotionally strong and hence keeping you away from depression, one of the key reason which leads to fatigue !


We all are workaholics and to live a luxurious life we are tend to work till late at night giving us mental pressure ! Proper sleep is a stress buster .A proper 8 hour sleep is necessary because that’s the time when our body gets rejuvenated  and hence fatigue is replaced by energy! Also keep your professional life away from personal life and before going to sleep keep all the negative thoughts outside the room! Always remember early to bed , early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.


Water is composed of 2 elements :- hydrogen and oxygen! The more you drink water the more oxygen enters your body and activates your cells! It flushes out all the toxins and hence no other liquid can replace water. 8 to 10 glasses of water is like a minimum requirement of your body. Dehydration will lead to decreased alertness and concentration. So always Carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated !


Meditation helps you to get better sleep, increase energy and vitality, gives you a sense of peace and calm, helps you to reduce the amount of stress , a more balanced nervous system and hence helps  you to kick fatigue off your body !


Isn’t it strange how a small potato can fill your life with lots of energy ! All you need to do is take a potato and cut into small pieces and then put it in a glass of water and keep it in the fridge, the next day the first thing you need to drink is this!


Magnesium is really necessary for energy production! The sad part is our body doesn’t produce magnesium own its own, and the type of diet we have these days does not provides us with the required  magnesium content. You need to add  magnesium rich foods such as Dark leafy greens, nuts, fish, whole grains, and bananas or  a high quality supplement in your diet.


Spinach is rich in iron, and hence helps to boost up the energy level! Not only this, Spinach is a great source of magnesium also! So add 1 cup of spinach raw or cooked in your daily routine.


Eating right is as important as keeping a good routine! Breakfast should be done within in an hour after you wake up, reason being  your metabolism slows down during the sleep and needs a push to restart it! Have a light lunch and keep on munching some fruits or almonds in between! Also dinner should be done near sunset, it helps the other organs the time to renergize themselves and in this way you will not feel lethargic next day!

  • YO-GA!!

Stretching improves blood flow which helps carry oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body and brain. This increases energy and reduces fatigue. Many yoga postures such as camel pose also known as ustrasana, Downward-Facing Dog also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana are effective in getting rid of fatigue.

It gets really hard at times when you are actually dealing with a situation you have no idea about , times when you know that you are restless and you still can’t do anything about it. Analyse your body and start implementing these rules in your daily life and you will certainly conquer the fatigue battle!

An engineer by profession , I Samridhi Arora has a self belief that nothing is impossible ! Be it something in your personal life or professional life and A strong believer of the fact that hard work never goes unawarded ! A fitness enthusiast , an avid reader and someone with a happy go lucky nature can perfectly sum up my description!


  1. Nice article. The best part is taking advantage from potatos which i was not knowing…will definitly try this.
    Thanks Samridhi for this valuable article.. Take care and keep on writing like this


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