True Meaning of Enlightenment

true meaning of enlightenment
The true meaning of Enlightenment
  • In this current era, the term “Enlightenment” has come to surface every day more and more. We are feeling the need to declutter ourselves and connect with our hearts on constant. So what is the true meaning of enlightenment ? and what is its purpose truly?

True Meaning of Enlightenment

Lets begin by saying that the true meaning of enlightenment and its origin came from the one we may know or refer to as “The Enlightened One” , The Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama The Buddha lived a life of surrender towards everything external until achieving his heightened state of awareness inside out which the Buddhists see as the ultimate and only truth and from where he was referred to as The Enlightened One or the One whom reached his maximum potential of enlightenment and truth. 

This too is what Buddhists know as living though Dharma

It is necessary to say that even though Buddhas teachings make it seem as if enlightenment is a point you have to reach or a place you have to go, Enlightenment is actually a state you uncover within yourself. It is a state you have always carried within you, a way of life of decluttering your own being until uncovering the infinite bliss and light you’ve always had in the center of your being. 

A simple way to understand this state better is to see it as simple as this, to become lighter. The deconstruction of all belief systems and the blooming of your inner power and divine flow of life.

When tapping into this infinite state of light, you finally see that you’ve always been whom you’ve wanted to and have had since birth all you ever needed to maintain your divine self and experience life in this current lifetime through the perspective of limitless unconditional love. Everything is already as it should be in its divine order, you surrender to the whole and finally let go and enjoy the ride. You drop the ego and let the soul take the steering wheel where there is no necessity of steering , just flowing and elevating everyone and everything around you. Enlightenment is absolute awareness of all that you are which is all that is.

Purpose of Enlightenment

So What is its Purpose? Why uncover your own multiverse and tapping into your enlightenment?

It is quite simple, enlightenment is the ending of all suffering…. the medicine for all causes , the root of transcendence and expansion , the key to your center. 

I want to share with you a few quotes that ignited my soul into enlightenment;

“You have fallen into the whole, and the whole has fallen into you. The drop has dropped into the ocean and the ocean has dropped into the drop” – OSHO

“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things” – Rumi

I am Anishae, a writer and creator of the universe. I love to write about topics that lift our spirits and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves. I have been an artist since I can remember , I am 27 years old from Colombia and the galaxy. My passion is to create content to expand our consciousness. Much love



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