Signs of Depression and How to Get Out of It ??  

Signs of Depression

It sucks,  doesn’t it ? Feeling like you’re not good enough, no matter how hard you try ?

It’s not problem of few, but of many. You never know what the other person is going through. Even the most happy-go-lucky person face the hardships of life. Sometimes somewhere random bouts of sadness take over us but  when sadness persists , it’s depression. Depression is the common cold of Mental Illness.

It’s been rightly said that usually that the ones who laugh the ones often cry the most. Person whom you see happier on the outside might be the broken one , secretly dying inside. It’s all depression.

Signs of Depression

 You know you’re in depression when –

  1. You’re mostly over-confident.

People tend to act opposite of how they feel as they want to cover up their weakness because somewhere deep inside everyone has this fear that the cruel world outside might take advantage of their vulnerability.

  1. High Intake of Alcohol

You’re in depression ifit takes you no time to go from 1drink to 3, pretty soon. Mostly taken as escapism from reality to self-medicate emotional pain.

  1. Conflicts turn to fight real soon

Depression leads to low tolerance level as the person is sick of fighting battles inside. Even the petty issues lead to fight easily due to the short temperedness.

  1. NUMB – You get so tired of people hurting you that you stop letting yourself feel anything at all. This emptiness is nothing but depression.
  2. Less Concentration

Reduction in ability to concentrate less can also lead to Loss of interest in daily activities like , you go to another room to get something but then you forget what you were here for. It’s all because the thoughts and feelings come every now and then and take control over you.

  1. Changes in appetite and sleep.

No more food craving. Less sleep. Being physically drained are signs that you’re in depression and that you need medical check up as well. 🙈

There’s no good living a miserable life. You’re the director of your film. Make sure it is directed well. Happiness awaits for you. You only feel low because you’ve been high before. And that was good wasn’t it ?

You are the in-charge of yourself. So take an initiative to eliminate sadness-

Treat Depression Yourself

  1. SOCIALISE – Don’t isolate yourself.  Go out , talk to people , make new friends. Only then you’ll come to know that you’re not the only one ,there are people fighting worse battles than you.
  2. LET IT GO – Because When you let go , you create space for better things in life. What happened happened, and there’s nothing you can do to change that so why waste time getting sad over it ?
  1. PHYSICAL EXERCISE –First wealth is health. Go hit the gym , No one ever drowned in sweat.
  1. GOOD FOOD – It’s a fact , that people get more angry and cranky when hungry. Good Food , Good Mood. Food automatically lightens up the mood and gives happiness. Donut worry , Be Happy. 😉😉
  2. PSYCHIATRIST –All you need is someone to listen to you and if you don’t have anyone then a psychiatrist is the one you’re looking for. They’ll not only patiently listen to you but will give you suggestion as well to improve upon yourself.
  1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP– Sleeping is the best meditation.If you sleep for appropriate time you’ll wake up charged and motivated for the next day.
  1. MOVE ON – Don’t ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday. Holding on grudges is like holding on anger and then trying to swim.
  1. POSITIVITY – Cut out Negativity. Realize your worth. Create a positive aura around yourself that you attract positive energy only.

Half of the sadness is eliminated when you stop Comparison. Comparison with others. You never know what they’re going through inside.

Do not Punish yourself by falling off track completely, because what you’re suffering now cannot be compared with the glory that you’ll see in future. Get Back up. Rise and Shine.


  1. Its good to see u writing such articles to help the teens to cure… providing them solutions.
    good job … keep it up ..


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