Depression – How to Deal with Partner in Depression


Depression has now become a word that is commonly used by almost everybody to express sadness, anger or frustration. Little do these people know that depression is a very serious mental condition and can only be cured through proper medication. Being in depression is very debilitating. A depressed person goes through a plethora of emotions that often involve self questioning and feeling unworthy and to be in a relationship with such a person is not easy.

How to  Deal with Partner in Depression

If you love someone who is depressed you have to be extra careful about everything you say or do. You never know what might trigger the depression in your loved one. You should always keep in mind the following things:

  1. Depression is not a choicedepression

The person who is depressed is often unaware of the reason that triggered the depression in them. They do not want it and they cannot do much to get over with it. Always be a little extra lovable with your loved one who is depressed, they want to get rid of it as much as you do.

  1. Be patientdepression

Loving someone who has lost faith in love because of depression can make you impatient and irritable and here is when love comes to test and patience is the answer. Always be patient. They need you the most.

  1. Be informeddepression

As laymen none of us know much about depression. When you’re involved with such a person it might be difficult for you to understand how to tackle the problem. So read about it and find about it more and be instrumental in helping your loved one deal with depression.

  1. Don’t take their depression personallydepression

Your loved one’s depression might drive you crazy and make you think that some where you could be the reason for it. But never make that mistake. Do not take their depression personally; it’s not because of you and it’s not a conscious decision for them to be depressed. Rather go out of your way to make your loved one feel loved.

  1. Encourage themdepression

A depressed person needs more love and encouragement. Tell them that you’re there no matter what. Tell them how much you love them and encourage them. This might not help them overcome depression but it will definitely make them feel better.

  1. Talk positivedepression

Talking positive will not help your loved one get over depression but it will certainly give them a ray of hope and make them deal with it better. Filling the person with positive talks and hopes of things getting better may not make anything better practically and immediately but it is one of the important steps that needs to be taken to overcome with depression & Sadness.

You need to treat you loved one who is also depressed, with a lot of extra love and care, after all, love is what the world needs sometimes. So make these extra efforts to help your loved one deal better with depression.

  1. Fix them their favourite mealdepression

When everything fails, there’s good food that does the magic. Fix your loved one their favourite meal. This will definitely bring a smile to their face. Tell them how much they matter to you and how much you love them.

  1. Take them outdepression

Being in the same place and the same environment over and over makes depression only worse. A person who is depressed might not feel like going out at all but everybody loves a change. So take them out on an excursion or a vacation to some picturesque place. Trust me nature has the cure to all problems.

  1. Make them feel specialdepression

Depression is like getting lost in a dark forest without any exit. But there’s always and exit and the way to the exit might be a little rough. That when love comes in. Telling someone that they are wanted and loved will re-ignite the lost hope in them and make it easier for them to tread on the rough path.

  1. Reach out to themdepression

Reach out to your loved one unexpectedly sometimes telling them that they’re important and how much they mean to you. Sometimes you need to go out of your way to tell someone that they mean the world to you and that is where you start healing the person from.

Being in relationship with a depressed person might be very difficult and it might test your limits at every step but it is important to remember that that person is already going through a lot and needs to be shown that he/she has a support system and somebody who they can rely on. A depressed person is not weak, they might rather only be stronger but they are sensitive. Hence we need to make sure that we treat them with all the extra love, care and respect.

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