Stages of Breast Cancer

Stages of Breast Cancer

We discussed Warning, Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer in our previous article and now explaining the Stages of Breast Cancer. Staging of breast cancer is very important as prognosis and treatment is based on it. Although there are many system of classifications existing the most popular one is TNM system.

TNM stands for:-
T – Tumor size
N – Lymph node involvement
M- Metastasis or spreading (involvement of other organs and parts of the body)

Stages of Breast Cancer

Stages of breast cancer range from 0 to IV. Stages depends on tumour, lymph node and metastasis.

Stage 0

  • Tumour in situ  (localized tumour less than 1 cm in diameter)
  • No lymph node involvement
  • No metastasis

Stage I
Stage 1 can be classified as 1a and 1b according to the size of tumour.

  • Tumour in sit (1 to 2 cm in diameter)
  • No lymph node involvement
  • No metastasis

Stage II
Stage II also can be divided into II a and IIb

  • Tumor size more than 2 c.m
  • Lymph node involvement
  • No metastasis

Stage III

Stage III can be divided into IIIa and IIIb

  • Tumour grown to a greater extent.
  • Ipsilateral and axillary lymph node involvement.
  • No distant metastasis but metastasis to axillary lymphnodes

Stage IV

  • Tumour can be of any size
  • The lymph node may or may not contain cancer cells.
  • Cancer has spread to other parts of the body like liver, brain. bone etc

Treatment for Breast Cancer

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