Best Health Insurance Plans

Due to a rapid increase in health treatment costs, health insurance is a must and why not, when you get to save your taxes? Most of all, it provides you a financial security plus you get to be on the safe side of it all. But choosing the right health insurance plans is very necessary.

Health Insurance as you may already know is the insurance that benefits you financially in case of a medical emergency, but it can be a real headache to choose which policy is the best to invest in and which is better convenient for you among them all. So here we have listed three of the finest health insurance plans for you.

3 Best Health Insurance Plans

iffco tokio health insurance plans

IFFCO Tokio with it’s affordable health insurance plans help customer bear the health treatment expenses and not just for individuals, you can get good insurance policies for your family too. There is a good range of plans provided by IFFCO Tokio which an individual can choose on the basis of their requirement, age, and other factors.

Policies for individuals may be Individual Medshield Policy assuring a sum of 1 to 5 lakhs (age limit of 3 months to 80 years) which provide a good coverage considering the age. The Critical Illness Insurance policy provides coverage only for critical diseases or you may also opt for Health Protector policy assuring a sum of more than 5 lakhs thus covering more than 10 critical illnesses.

Family plans such as Swashthya Kawach Family health insurance assuring a sum of 2-5 lakhs has no age limit as such, thus providing good age coverage. Also, there is the Family Health Protector Policy assuring a sum of up to 7 lakhs again with no age limit.

Now, adopting a plan according to your requirement is a decision that may confuse you but which health assurance company to choose is another crucial decision. Choosing IFFCO Tokio provides the facility of on the spot digitally signed policy document which can be issued at any branch, POS centers and even if you’re purchasing it online. Another benefit is that the exclusion of pre-existing diseases is just for 3 years as compared to other companies which provide an exclusion of 4 years and it has a customer care providing 24×7 services for any assistance. It also claims to have a network of roughly about 3000 hospitals providing cashless services and also the entire process here is very simple and hassle-free.



cigna ttk health insurance

Cigna TTK Health Insurance is another company which a customer can opt to safeguard the health-related expenses. They provide a vast range of plans which further help in finding a customer the appropriate health insurance plans they have in mind. This company provides high-end online platform thus making the process very convenient as well as efficient for customers. It even ensures transparency during the enrollment, hence making all the particulars clear to the customers.

Cigna TTK Health Insurance offers the following health plans:

  • Pro Health Insurance Protect Plan ensures a coverage of Rs.10 lakhs for individuals and families. It’s been designed to provide the customer with insurance covering up to and during hospitalization which in turn also covers OPD and ensures 100% of Restoration of Sum Insured.
  • Pro Health Insurance Plus Plan gives a value for money and can provide you with financial assistance all over the world if the need be. You can even save up to 30% of premium through various discounts that are provided with the service of Plus Plan.
  • Pro Health Insurance Preferred Plan is a unique plan in itself and provides with a Sum Insured option ranging from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. It makes sure that you enjoy a Worldwide Emergency Coverage.


sbi health insurance plans

SBI Health Insurance plans have a wider coverage ranging from Rs.50,000 to Rs.500,000. There are no medical tests required for people of age 40 or above with no previous medical history. This insurance also guarantees Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses i.e. 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization to ensure that you are fully prepared beforehand and afterwards recovered. Free medical check-ups for 4 years are also provided to ensure good health.


Family Floater plan is one of the best health insurance plans by SBI which  gives protection all members of the family in a single plan. A Family Floater Health plan is beneficial in many accounts, as it is a single plan for the entire family. Also, in a Family Floater plan if any member of the family has a medical emergency and has to be hospitalized, the total sum insured of the policy can be entirely utilized by the un-well member of the family for the treatment. Thus in turn, the member of the family with a family health benefit plan is insured with a higher sum than that of an individual health plan because the coverage of a whole family is relatively greater than that of an individual.

Other flexible options – Metro Plan, Semi Metro Plan & the Rest of India Plan are explained below:

Note: The above information is only indicative in nature. Please make sure you contact your nearest SBI office and also thoroughly read the policy papers and sales brochure before concluding a sale.

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