Mom and Baby | Tips For Childcare If You’re A Working Mom

working mom and baby

As a mom, it is probably the hardest to manage both your family and work. Initially taking care of an infant and then making sure your child is doing well at school, the stress is never ending! But this article is for all those moms who are managing their family and work simultaneously and looking for a healthier mom and baby relationship. Here are some of the tips that you could follow to make your everyday life a tad less tiring.

Working Mom and Baby

  • Staying organised:

I know for most your readers; this is possibly the least practical thing to achieve. However, I would suggest some ways for you to do that. First, use the reminder app on your phone and plan your day before hand. This would really help you to manage your work and home simultaneously and you would also get some time out for yourself. For example, in the morning, set reminders for what to cook and what deadlines to fulfil at work, it would be a lot easier. You could also cook the lunch and the dinner in the morning as this would help to ease out your work.

  • Check on your kids:

No matter how busy and occupied you are, always take some out for your kids. This would help to boost their confidence and would also provide a positive direction to your mom and baby relationship. Also, make it a point to check their school dairy daily to make sure that your child is completing all the given homework and is responding well in school.

  • Let go off any guilt, see the positive:

If you are saturnine because you aren’t able to spend quality time with your children, look at the positive and tell yourself how you are helping in his/her education and how you’re giving your best to your child. If you’re having a bad day, talk to yourself of how strong and independent you are and that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. Be thankful and also take some time out for praying about the boons that you have.

  • Stay connected during the day:

If you’re extremely occupied with work, take some out and call your child and ask about his/her day. Also, keep a family photo in your daily or in a photo frame on your office desk. This would truly motivate you to work even harder and give your 100% to your children and to your family.

  • Take some time out for yourself:

In all the mess and work, it is hardly impossible to take some time out for yourself, but in spite of that, you must. This is because it will help you keep sane and also help you keep a track record about yourself. So, for at least 15 minutes, be your own pamper-er and rejoice and celebrate the beautiful things in life.

I'm Malvika Awasthy. I am a student, currently doing Bcom from DAV College, Chandigarh. Debating and public speaking has always been my maestro. I strongly feel that writing is an extremely powerful means of communication that can instill a sense of pollyanna in the most pessimist. I've always created my work keeping in mind my audience.


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