How to Make Baby Sleep in 9 Simple Steps | Baby Not Sleeping

How to make baby sleep

Babies need to have a good night sleep every day for good health and well-being. Although it turns into a nightmare for some parents. Sometimes when your baby not sleeping, nothing seems to work to get your child to fall asleep. So new parents, you must know how to make baby sleep. Here are some tips which if followed will help you to make your baby sleep quickly.

Tips for How to Make Baby Sleep

  • Bedtime Routine
    It is very important to follow a bedtime routine with the baby so that he/she adapts to it right from the beginning. The baby will automatically feel drowsy at that time and go to sleep. Set a routine that works for you. It is not necessary to follow a strict routine everyday but make sure you always do things in the same order.
  • Feed
    Feed your child before he/she goes to bed. But don’t excessively feed them so that they feel uncomfortable.
  • Cozy Sleep Suit
    Allow your child to get into a cozy night suit or a sleep suit which is soft and comfortable for the night.
  • Massage
    Try to give a short massage to your baby with moderate pressure for about 10-15 minutes. It is always better to use baby friendly oil to relax them.
  • Warm Bath
    Some babies prefer taking a warm bath before bed. This eases the child and they get a sound sleep during the night.
  • Story Telling
    If the baby is little grown up, then read your baby a story during bedtime in a low tone so that it calms the child.
  • Avoid Eye Contact
    Once the baby shows signs of sleep, avoid eye contact at this stage.
  • Walking Around
    Some children sleep while walking around in their mother’s arms as this gives them a sense of security.
  • Dim Lighting
    Try to keep the lights dim in your baby’s room so as to make them sleep quickly without being disturbed.
  • Not to Make Noise
    Once the baby shows signs of sleep, try not to make any noise which might disturb them.

Although every baby is different and responds to stimuli differently. You must try other soothing methods on how to make a baby sleep and let them take a sound sleep at night.


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