Plethora of colors on my baby’s plate – Guide to 9 months old baby Food & Weight

9 month baby

Feed while you eat is the mantra for a 9 month old child. Yes, believe me it’s true. According to World Heath Organization, a 9 month baby should weight between 7.2Kgs to 10.9Kgs. Now that your baby is almost ready to stand with support, his activity levels might be superlative. At this point, you may actually be thinking to gradually increase the quantum of food you are offering to the baby. Merely, increasing the quantity may not bridge over the nutritive gap that develops due to high activity levels and growth spurts. So following are a few ideas that may help you easily understand the nutritive needs and introduce your babies to the whole new exciting world of solids.

9 Months Baby Food

Rule of G O R Y (Green, Orange, Red and Yellow)
Introduce your child to capacious world of colors and textures.9 month baby food

  • Greens (spinach, beans, cucumber and peas)
  • Orange (potato, carrot)
  • Red (tomatoes, apples) and
  • Yellows (cheese, bananas, yellow dal, mango, papaya, peaches)

These can be served in form of thick puree, or semi solids. You can also ask your baby to hold a junk of each of these foods to feels textures and play with.

Continue with the Whites
Rice, Eggs, curd and cheese are loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, calcium which is crucial for growth spurts

Food frequency for a 9 month baby

A nine month old needs to have three meals per day apart from the breast milk/formula feed. That’s why feed the baby as often as you eat yourself that is three times a day.

Fun with family
Give your child an opportunity to eat the same meal at the same time as rest of the family. Let him play with food, spoon and plate and make a mess. Hand him over a spoon so he can attempt to feed himself curd, puree or porridge.

Milk – Breast milk or formula
Breast Feeding – Continue to feed your little one with breast milk on demand or formula (approximately 600 ml) over a complete day. Three to four milk feed should suffice the growth needs as now baby is likely to reduce the quantity of milk intake as he is fuller with the solids.

What to avoid for 9 Month Baby9 month baby food

  • Honey
  • Cow’s milk
  • Sugary treats like toffees
  • Whole peas
  • Whole raisins
  • Unpasteurized dairy product
  • Smoked meat may cause health hazards, choking or infection. Avoid them completely.

Do not Forget the 3 Day Rule
9 month baby food
Finally, do not defy the ‘3 day rule’. Whenever you are introducing a new food in your baby’s diet, avoid it one at a time and follow it for 3 continuous days. This will make your baby habitual to the new taste and also help you figure out exactly the causal item of food allergy if any.

I am a doctor and a public health specialist from Delhi. I have expertise in Obstetrics & Gynecology, child health and vaccinations. Formerly I worked with WHO’s immunization program in rural India as a technical consultant. I believe that accurate and relevant health information is the key to positive behavioral change subsequently leading to good health. I am an ardent traveler and a passionate writer.


  1. The anxiety and curiosity at this age is rightly explained by the author. Even the most educated people tend to wonder what’s the correct/healthy feeding habbits should be of an infant. I also belive with right nutrition comes another component of right health intervention (vaccination). Such topics should also be discussed often.

  2. Concisely written. Very helpful especially in a country where food habits change with every 100 kms or so.

  3. Concise and simple to understand by common man. All queries addressed. You should write more and express yourself.


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