First-Time Mothers – Where to Get Tips for Proper Baby Care


It is truly an overwhelming and exciting experience to become a first time mother. First time mothers do not usually have the necessary experience required to care for their first child, which overwhelms them even more. This sort of experience and knowledge must be gained and learned as the child grows and the mother grows with him or her.

Caring for a newborn is the prime responsibility of any mother – be it the first time, or the ninth time. This sort of responsibility can actually be quite scary for first time mothers, owing to their lack of experience. The best option these first time mothers have is to talk to other experienced mothers for some sort of techniques, advice, and tips for proper newborn care. This sort of newborn baby care guide can prove to be quite useful and helpful in bringing up a child properly.

Most newborns spend the entire day sleeping and eating, which makes it compulsory for the mothers to ensure their baby’s safety and comfort, and proper protection from ailments, diseases and infections of any sort. When a baby sleeps, his or her crib should be free from things like extra blankets, toys and other things so as to avoid the chance of suffocation or lack of proper ventilation. According to tips for new Mother from expert paediatricians, it is not wise to leave your baby unattended on car seats and bouncers or even swings, as these items, if and when it motion, can damage the baby’s spinal cord and skeletal structure when left unattended.

Newborns are usually not bathed before a month or 45 days has passed since their birth. This sort of consultation should be provided by an expert paediatrician, who will suggest the date and time of the baby’s first proper bath. A clean washcloth and lukewarm water is always a basic necessity when bathing a newborn. The umbilical cord, if still attached, should never get wet while bathing, and the mothers need to ensure this. Usually, doctors suggest that a newborn should be bathed after the remainder of the umbilical cord falls off on its own.

Newborn babies should be engaged in special exercises designed for infants by their mothers, but only with permission from their paediatrician. These sort of special exercises usually help the newborns to develop proper muscle strength and coordination. These exercises are also helpful in allowing a first time mother bond with her newborn in an efficient manner.

First time mothers must make sure that they care for their own health, apart from being mindful of their newborn’s health. A first time mother should be pampered at all times, as her own health remains fragile during the first few months after childbirth. Proper rest is an absolute necessity, because when a mother is well rested, she will be able to care for the newborn much more efficiently. Caring for a newborn can be extremely exhausting; hence, it is always important for the father to help out as well. The father can either choose to help with the baby, or take up the responsibility of all household responsibilities.


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