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developmental milestone
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All parents wish to see their child grow and interact not only with them but also with the outside world. Every parent cherishes the fact that their child responds to their action and feels blessed to have that cute smile running on her face. Interesting fact being no two children, not even twins have the same pattern of achieving his/her skill, which is often known as the ‘Developmental Milestones’. The developmental milestone is referred as things/activities that most children can do by a certain age.

Most of these developments /skills are quite specific to the age of the baby, and are often considered to have been developed by:

  1. The First two Months
  2. Age between 1-3 Month
  3. Age Between 4-7 months
  4. Age between 8- 12 months

Read and learn how each stage can be fun and you will be amazed to witness the magical response of your loved one even when she is a few days or months old.

Child developmental milestone

  • 0-1month old:

Suckling – Rooting- Startle- Grasp

Your little baby starts all these 4 activities just the moment she is born. Apart from sleeping for 15 hours, neonates also love to move their lips and hands. All 4 of these fun milestones deepen your bond with the baby. A baby will often initiate breast crawl mechanism immediately after birth and could latch to the mother for nutrition.

Suckling Reflex: Sucking and Swallowing are the first set of activities that the baby performs and is often achieved within minutes of birth. Try touching the roof of mouth of baby!!! You will the baby starts to suck!!

Rooting reflex: Have you ever tried to touch the cheek of newborn?? You shall be able to observe that the baby turns his head towards the side of cheek that is stimulated by your touch. More importantly, this reflex helps baby to look for mother’s breast nipple.

Startle Reflex: On hearing the loud noise or when he/she is made to fall backward, the child extends his both arms and legs away from his body. It is prominent mostly till the age of 3 month of age.

Grasp reflex: Try stimulating the palm of newborn, and enjoy how warmly she will grasp your finger almost unwilling to leave!!

  • 1-3 months

This is the time when baby will start strengthening neck and back muscles. By 3months he shall be able to hold her neck for a considerable time sometimes may oscillate it a bit. Nights may be little tough as the baby may wake up many times out of hunger or colic but day time should be utilized to have fun.

Massage your baby each day:  Coconut oil or Baby moisturizer can be used to massage your baby. 15 minutes massage will help you bond with your baby and also help in strengthen back and neck muscles.

Tummy time: give your baby lots and lots of tummy time. Put your baby in prone position, and massage her back in evening for 45 minutes. Also one can make the baby sleep on your chest while you can lie down on your back.

Sweet Nothings: Talk to your baby with a smile in a sing song manner to provoke her smile. She will love your voice.

Do not leave your baby unattended anytime especially when she is having tummy time.

Congratulations! Your baby will soon be gifting you her most special ‘Social Smile’. Click it and cherish it!!

  • 4-7 months

Rolling to the glory: Your baby will start rolling sideway by the time she is 4 months. Put a few bright toys, rattles beyond baby’s reach. By 5-6 months, you will also see her rolling from front to back or vice versa.

Get a book with big picture: Reading aloud will help your baby become a little more attentive. The big pictures will attract him and your sound will fascinate him. Reading at bed time ca also set a routine for your baby indicating that it’s time for her to sleep.

Listening to music, mirror watching, playing games with blanket: your baby is more responsive now. He laughs, cuddles, is most of the time excited, may get into nonstop laugh mode and loves peek-a-boo.

  • 8-12 months old

Crawl and achieve: Now your baby is ready to move out of your hands! Babies will love to crawl, Catch hold of things, and love to hold something that can make them stand tall.

Life gets much more amusing: offer him safe empty containers to play with, your Tupperware is equally colorful and safe. Hug him and praise for good behavior or on anything that he achieves by crawling or standing by support. Play Clap-clap game.

Language development: Yes the time is right!! Now you can help baby develop a language. Explain him what are you doing now, or the procedure of doing a particular task is. Talk to her in a language that you want her to develop vocally.

Socialize: Enable baby to socialize as now he is developing visual memory of care givers apart from parents. Give her time, do not rush but respect her anxiety

Walk with support or cruising: Your baby by 10-11 months will start cruising while he stands with support and walk around your coffee tables holding it firmly. Encourage the child will open arms and hug her finally when she reaches the end point.

Infancy is beautiful. New moms my get impatient or frantic about colics, hiccups and sleepless night, but friends the wait till 4 months. Social smile is the remedy for all. Wish your baby a great and healthy infancy!

I am a doctor and a public health specialist from Delhi. I have expertise in Obstetrics & Gynecology, child health and vaccinations. Formerly I worked with WHO’s immunization program in rural India as a technical consultant. I believe that accurate and relevant health information is the key to positive behavioral change subsequently leading to good health. I am an ardent traveler and a passionate writer.


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