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newborn baby care
newborn baby care

Going to home with a new born baby is exciting but it can be scary too.

Taking care of newborn baby is  very challenging especially in early weeks. There are many worries and doubts a new mother will have.

The main aspects of Newborn Baby Care at home are:

  • Prevention of infection.
  • New born are suspectable for infection as the immune system is not developed completely.
  • Prevention of hyperthermia and hypothermia.
  • New born babies are prone for hypothermia. So need to be covered with warm clothes. Never leave the baby wet.
  • Rest and sleep – A new born requires minimum 16 to 18 hours of sleep per day. Some babies have their days and nights confused when they are born.
  • Breast feeding – Nothing can replace Breast milk. Initially can feed baby as on demand.
  • Diaper changing – Diaper need to be changed in every 3 to 4 hours or whenever it is soiled. Frequent observation is required to notify early signs of diaper rashes.
  • Bathing – Sponge bath is only advised till umbilical cord falls. After that warm water bath can be given. Special care should be taken while holding the baby and mother need to be trained to give tub bath.
  • Psychological bonding.
  • Eye to eye contact,smiling and  talking to the baby is highly appreciated.
Prof. Mrs.Kavitha Narayan (Msc(N).R.N, R.M) is a creative writer, research guide, philosopher, teacher and currently working as a principal. She also work as resource person, organizer for many national workshops, consultant for many educational projects. I am here to share my years long knowledge with everyone.


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