How to Deal with Anxiety Disorder ? | What to Do, What Not To ??

how to deal with anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is nothing but a mental disorder which is characterized as a mix of anxiety and fear in the individual. It is a series of the events, where anxiety is depicted by the worry that an individual carries, about various events that will be happening or not happening in the future and the consequent response to the same. In this article, we will get to know how to deal with anxiety disorder.

It is okay to get nervous and give a thought to something that bothers you! But excessive thinking about a particular matter, on a daily basis and which becomes a routine can be dangerous and can lead to stress!

Give a consideration if you encounter such a situation as it is alarming!

The chronic disorder is generally depicted by the fast paced heartbeats which can be one of the outcomes of the medical condition of the individual. If the same is seen to happen on a day to day basis, it becomes a great concern as the consequences will become intense, which may need proper treatment.

Worrying too much about a particular matter, not able to sleep properly, chronic indigestion,  self consciousness are some of the alarming situations. For the children of the age of 8 approximately, continuous headaches, restlessness, and abdominal pains are the symptoms of the anxiety disorder which must be given due care at the earliest.

DOs – How to deal with Anxiety Disorder

  • Take care of your health and body. The utmost remedy to any of the problems, including the anxiety disorders is taking utmost care of your body and health. Practicing yoga can prove to be of a great help.
  • When you feel you are trapped in any of the symptoms, take deep breaths then and there. It will help in calming you down and relaxing your body.
  • In case any anti depressant medications are on, give due consideration to the intake of the medicines at timely intervals, as the anxiety disorders often cause a person to forgetting things which may have serious repercussions.
  • Participate in social events and gatherings.
  • In case of severe symptoms, consult a professional.

DON’Ts – How to Deal with Anxiety Disorder

  • Do not become a solitary reaper, despite such disorder will motivate you to be one. Fight against it.
  • Don’t let your mind visualize what you are thinking.
  • Don’t surround yourself with people who tell you things like “You are over reacting, you are acting like a psycho, etc.
  • Do not pressurize yourself, no matter what the situation calls for.
  • You may act weird in case of attack. Accept the fact that it is okay and things take time to be corrected.
  • Do not rush. Act is the most subtle manner.
  • Accompany the ones who are supportive in nature
  • Do not over think in your day to day life.
  • Do not opt for a sedentary lifestyle.

If these are taken care of, you can definitely get back in the pink of your health.

Stay healthy, stay wise!

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