Kick Out Anxiety and Stress by Simple Lifestyle Changes

kick out anxiety

A lot of people think that stress and anxiety are same but in fact they are two different side of the coin.

There is a very thin line which differentiates between stress and anxiety.

Before we start the article let us define both the words.

What is anxiety?

It is a state where a person has a feeling of constant nervousness or impatience about anything.

An approximate of 14.6 percent of people suffer from anxiety.

When it comes to stress it is a constant feeling of pressure, irritation, anger etc. While a small amount of stress helps you to perform well, taking stress in large amount directly affects your health.

Before going for medications it is very important for you to analyze where you lack.

Here are small changes in your lifestyle that can be made to combat anxiety and stress.

Kick Out Anxiety and Stress

Exercise is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle, you need to keep aside the couch potato attitude at side and need to pick up your sports shoes and run for your life. The mind and the body are interconnected and hence when you start doing good with your body your state of mind starts approving own its own, there is increase in self-esteem.

Endorphins also known as feel good chemical is released in the body while you exercise making you feel happy and good about everything.

If you are someone who is not very fond of working out in gym look for alternatives which interest you like brisk walking, dancing, some sport.

Tip:-Replace lift with stairs (Old is Gold).

Good eating, good thinking

It’s always said what you eat is what your body reflects.  There are 5 organs of our body and people tend to forget that our brain is a part of it. Your body will work more effectively if it gets that extra push from your end. Bad habits don’t tend to die easily and hence you need to really work on your will power to give up:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Packed Beverages/ Artificial form of sugar

Don’t completely cut out them of your system but you should minimize their usage.

  • Tip :- Keep yourself hydrated (Drink Water/ coconut water/ smoothies)
  • When hungry munch dry fruits
  • Eat Citrus fruits

Beauty sleep

It’s very important to take an 8 hour sleep; poor sleep has a strong effect on your mood, you feel irritated and according to science are moods a replenished while we sleep. Sleep deprived people have are on the higher risk of getting anxiety.

Tip: – Go to bed with good thoughts in mind, you will have a good and a sound sleep.

It’s the attitude that matters

A lot of time we have heard of the phrase “it’s all in your head.” You need to detox your mind; it’s your thoughts and emotions which can pull you up, and on the other hand can ruin your life.  Meditate daily, Yoga is the key to bring in your thoughts and emotions in control.

Tip: – Forgive even those who weren’t sorry.

Talk to your friends and family if you are suffering from anxiety or stress, they are the ones who are going to help you and a helping hand in how to deal with stress.

An engineer by profession , I Samridhi Arora has a self belief that nothing is impossible ! Be it something in your personal life or professional life and A strong believer of the fact that hard work never goes unawarded ! A fitness enthusiast , an avid reader and someone with a happy go lucky nature can perfectly sum up my description!



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