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Anti Aging

Before we discuss Anti Aging Exercises let us first understand some aging factors. Aging signs are unavoidable. It is the call of nature which reflects eventually with time. Unquestionably true that if you maintain a daily health routine, then your aging is sure to be slower than you would see in others. It has been said and repeated endless times about the importance of Anti Aging morning exercises.

Anti Aging Exercise

However simple and easy, it is essential to know the must-do exercises that can work for your body to slow down the aging. So here we go with our Anti Aging guide:

  1. Morning Walk

    anti aging
    Anti Aging – Morning Walk

Since times immemorial, morning walks are commonly advised to do daily. Although many knows about its basic remedies like weight loss and oxygen boost, however morning walks gifts us with a plethora of other health benefits. It improves blood circulation, reduces heart related diseases, elevates the energy levels, gives great sleep and increases brain-power.

  1. Breathing Exercises

    anti aging
    Anti Aging – Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercises are a must for anyone and not just for Asthma patients. Impeccably used for stress management, Breathing exercises calms the body and mind with its brief and fast breathing techniques.The Excess oxygen intake through breathing exercises has innumerable benefits like improved blood flow, cure of breathing problems, skin glow, proper digestion and definitely slow aging.

  1. Surya Namaskar

    Anti Aging
    Anti Aging – Surya Namaskar

With Sun as the source of unprecedented energy in our solar system, this Yoga dictates the overall wellness of your body. Also called Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar covers 12 postures as you can see from above. It’s benefits are a great many like improved blood circulation, weight loss, Anti Aging, mind re-freshing, skin radiance, body flexibility, regulating menstrual cycles(women),efficient digestive system and many more.

If these three exercises are not a part of your workout routine yet, then we swear, that these are requisite for your over-all health wellness.  As a matter of hardly 40-45 minutes time investment, you can surely adapt these morning exercises and see the results coming in not more than a week. So rise early and get going!

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